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Apprecaiting life more, not high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WeekendToker, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. I am pretty new to smoking MJ, I have only been high a handful of times, usually just on weekends. I haven't smoked anything, about a month because I have a job interview coming up. I feel no urge to use it, though I do like using it, and plan to at some point after I've secured a job, and their is time and place to enjoy with freinds.

    Anyways, the main point of this thread, is to see if others feel generally better about life after the introduction of MJ, not just when they are high. Lately I've noticed that I enjoy music, food, movies art, and outside activities a lot more, and appreciate little things. I've always been a very calm, secluded loner type of person, I never got upset about anything, but, usaully felt pretty neutral towards everything. Now I sing in the shower, I invest my time better, and actaully enjoy talking to people. That's huge for me, since I usaully dislike about 99% of people I meet only minutes after meeting them.

    Does anyoine else feel like this? I always heard stoners where lazy, (and I definatly am(while high) but I feel more like doing stuff with my lifetime than ever.
  2. I have found that after smoking for a little while I felt a lot better when sober. Makes life a lot more chill...:)
  3. This is so weird, I was just having this EXACT conversation with someone today. And yes, I totally agree with you. It just seems as if life is just more relaxing (sober) (well and high I guess lol)
  4. Neato, I guess maybe that has some thing to do with why it is prescribed for depression?

    I also tend to think about the world more, but I think that has more to do with watching videos, like "The: Union"
  5. Werd.. After my high wears down I am alot calmer and feel better for the rest of the day that if I had been sober for a few days. But If I don't smoke for a few days, I do get agitated a bit easier..
  6. I like to use marijuana as a reward. Whenever I start feeling bored, or sick of whatever im doing, I just think about the joint im gona be smoking later, and that pumps me up and boosts moral. I used to be short tempered, but after smoking marijuana daily for the last few months, im much more chilled out, carefree person. My parents have noticed this and mentioned it, but they would kill me if they found out weed is what caused me change, even if I changed for the better

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