Applying Stoicism After A Little Dose..

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by mralan, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. I have recently been micro dosing (high quality oil with thc and cbd). Just one or two drops in the morning
    I don't smoke weed or anything, so my tolerance is not very high.

    I used to bake with it every few weeks years back on weekends to kick back, was always a nice trip on Sundays, usually going in myself and looking in the mirror metaphorically speaking, and I'd see the real me, just through feelings and some thoughts and think I could be a better man here or there.

    I've always had a curious mind, to know how things work, or what was deep in the woods, and then growing up you start to wonder what makes the world tick.. And of course Philosophy is the righteous path for any real human being to follow.

    So it was maybe 11am the other morning, and I was just about to head out when a video appeared on Youtube, it was a video by Andrew Kirby:
    Andrew Kirby

    I later found this video, this guy is a smooth ass G. Please watch it.

    I have never heard Andrew Kirby before but it come on and he had a really engaging presence and drew me in. Now, I'm micro dosing here, so just a little tickle of weed you know, and I'm listening to this video for 10 minutes and as I am, my mind is opening, not really from the weed oil, but the words he was saying. I think I have always wanted to be a 'virtuous man' and 'do things to the best of my ability' but this was a kind of reality check that I have not been that man for a while. A conscious part of my thinking would have me believe I am, but deep down I know I can be doing better, not cutting corners and basically being true to myself.... Annnnyyywaaayyyyy..

    I am enjoying the moments with it, I feel super charged with deep conscious energy and love, like almost emphatic to others and yeah, kinda hard to explain.

    Does anyone else micro dose at all?
    What is good practice? Few times a week? Everyday?
    Long term health benefits / issues?

    Be great to hear some feedback.

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