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Discussion in 'General' started by quadridincopedipper, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Hey blades! First thread here! About 80 posts and counting though.
    Last week, I went to renew my Costco membership and the girls there at membership treated me like royalty. Renewal cost me $55 instead of $110 since I spent so much money on groceries and gas and such. They wrote it off and charged me $55 instead of $75. Struck up a conversation about working there, and they was saying it's pretty chill.
    So, that said, I'm applying at Costco. It sounds pretty great: Time and a half on Sundays, unionized, and benefits after 90 days! Starting pay is great too! :) Thinking a food court position would suit me fine as I'm used to this type of environment 
    So, any fellow blades work there? What's it like? Any bad parts of the job? 
    Oh yeah, and i heard they only do saliva tests! Can anyone verify?

  2. I heard you get really good benefits, and if its only a salivia test you can literally trick that with a type of mouthwash, very simple.
    I would want to be that dude who sits in the front and says I love you:

  3. beat me to it^^
  4. I tried to get on at Costco for like two years nonstop. F Costco. But good luck homie :)Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  5. I would imagine that there are tons of applicants considering the pay and benefits. Best of luck!

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