Applied at Best Buy and awaiting a drug test need help!

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  1. So I stopped smoking for about 2 and a half weeks prior to smoking only a bowl with my brother last friday. I then applied to a job at Best Buy and just got a call back from them, it is the following Tuesday so it's only been 4 days since the last time I smoked... I was wondering when they will make me take a test, I haven't even been interviewed yet they said I should be getting a call tomorow to set the date up, and if I cold pass it with only smoking just one bowls worth. I weigh about 225 and am 5ft. 11in. tall. Please help soon, all types of info are useful. Thank you.
  2. If it's a swab test, no problem. If it's a urine test you may want to consider substitution.
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  3. It is probably a swab test, don't sweat it. A girl and I got a job at the same time, and took the same swab test on the same day. She mentioned afterward that she smoked out of a bong that weekend, and it was fine.

    There are no guarantees, but worrying won't help much
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  4. Just tell them your mom smokes

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  5. A job aint nothing but work
    if you get the job youll be doing them the favor
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  6. You might be okay.

    Although, I've never quite understood why people continue to smoke when they're on the job hunt.

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  7. Is that why everyone at bestbuy is uptight?
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  8. Hey here in Canada you don't really get drug tested unless you're working in camp, you certainly don't have to pass a drug test to work at fucking Best Buy. :laughing:

    I could go work at Best Buy high as fuck and BS all day with the customers about hardware :D
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  9. Aye, to live in Canada.

    I've probably seen hundreds of drug test threads over the years, and they're always the same.

    I think they drug test for best buy here in CA. They tested a few buddies that applied.

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  10. American Wal-Mart apparently tests pretty stringently, in contrast up here in Canada I worked there for 2 years and smoked weed the whole time.
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  11. I was hired at BBY back in like 07 so things probably have changed but this is how it went for me.

    Interview with department head.
    Department head approved me and recommended me for interview with GM.
    GM approved me pending urine test within 3 days of approval.
    Passed urine test cause I wasn't doing drugs.

    So for me it was for sure urine.
  12. Is working at best buy even worth it lol

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  13. It's not a swab test everyone, stop giving false info. Several of my friends worked there and they did a urine test. It will be at least a week after the interview tho.
  14. If Best Buy actually paid it's workers a living wage I would understand this. Considering they pay most workers utter garbage wages they shouldn't be surprised if people toke to relieve the stress of struggling to pay bills while working forty hours a week. My advice? Learn to work for yourself, investments, online businesses, selling things on ebay. And yes it is a urine test, not a swab test. Try to get some interviews with smaller businesses that don't piss test their employees for the "privilege" of working at an awful company like Best Buy.

    I worked at Geek Squad for Best Buy and our wages were barely much better than the average retail worker even though we worked our asses off on a daily basis. Not to mention the fact that corporate instructed us to do some extremely shady things when people brought in PC's, laptops with no actual issues.

    Best of Luck, you're worth more than BB.
  15. use quick fix bro...... or some other type of synthetic ....
  16. Ah! I always wondered why there were so many threads on drug testing.. I've never even heard of someone having to do a drug test.

    It's an American thing, I get it now!
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