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Discussion in 'General' started by drwho, May 25, 2006.

  1. <TABLE width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR id=trHLDrugTest><TD class=normal width="88%">*Do you agree to be tested for drugs and/or alcohol as permitted by law and may be required by company policy?</TD><TD class=normal width="6%"><INPUT id=radDrugTestInd[] type=radio value=Y name=radDrugTestInd cssClass="inputField"></INPUT>Yes</TD><TD class=normal><INPUT id=radDrugTestInd[] type=radio value=N name=radDrugTestInd cssClass="inputField"></INPUT>No</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

    I am not sure what to put i know a friend who works there, and he said i could bring in pee to pass the test way easy, but what if i check no? Will i get hired?
  2. well, ask your friend what he put. where are you applying for a job?
  3. umm Walgreens my friend was clean at the time and I think he put yes, but he is under 18 so idk if they are allowed to test underage kids. What if i put no?
  4. dont put no dude they will get suspicous
  5. they are not allowed to test underage kids unless they consent to it. sorry but i cant help you because i don't work anywhere. I "give" away drugs. :D
  6. LOL YOU'RE FUCKED! hehe j/k. Really dont know man, id put yes. Most of those places plain just dont hire you if they suggest you do drugs. Might as well risk it and say yes and hope they dont; simple.
  7. I would say yes. Either way you will get drug tested, you might as well say that you agree with it.

    Its not like if you disagree with it they won't drug test you

  8. Well, the question asks if you'll agree to do what the law permits and what might be required by company policy. If you disagree, then they can choose not to consider you for the position because you aren't willing to do what their company may require you to do if you become an employee. Why hire someone who already disagrees to doing what the company requires?
  9. you made the "yes" "no" bubbles clickable. but nothing happened.

    ive never been so disappointed.
  10. My advice..check yes.

    Worst case...theyll test ya. Businesses usually dont test right there.. they send you to a offical medical center. SOO you have to make an appointment. WHICH MEANS...youd have time to get a drink, azo, or some pills to clean it out of your system.

    Do research...there are some drinks that show up on tests. There are some that REALLY work and it will come out clean. promise.

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