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  1. At one point, i owned well over twenty peices..bongs, bubblers, dry pipes, chillums, glass blunts, but ALL i've been smoking out of lately is apples. I love it. anybody else do this alot? its not like i'm even scrubbing or anything i'm just like fuck peices i might as well do the apple and cut half of it off and eat it before i smoke :smoke:
  2. ^ never felt the urge to do smoke out of an apple lol
  3. I used to do this all the time back in the day. 'Cept I'd use a stripped bic pen tube, punch ajoining tunnels in the top and two in the side, stick a bone in the top and after lighting, just puff it down through the hole in the side -that's using the other to carb. Then eat the whole thing after.
  4. does it taste like shit when you eat the apple?
  5. depends on ho wmuch you smoke thru the apple..

    I love tokin' thru apples
  6. i dont use pens or foil or anything. takes 4 cuts to make a perfectly usable "dry" pipe from an apple
  7. ^I do the exact same thing bro, fuck foil, just use good ole mother nature. ;)

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