Apple's iPhones are made from slave labor, and those slaves kill themselves

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    I have owned an iPhone since the first generation was released, and I love the little device. It's a mini PC that fits into my pocket and I can surf the web and check my email where ever I go. But I had no idea the makers of iPhone, Foxconn, basically had slaves making these awesome little phones. So now I must take a stand, I no longer support Apple and the iPhone. Fucking whore! To be honest, everything we Americans buy is made in China, it's time we stop buying this shit that is made with the blood of the Chinese people so we can have cheap shit. I'm done with all things made in China as of right now.

    iPhone Maker Foxconn Employs 1M Robots to Do Grunt Work

    Foxconn chairman Terry Gou addresses journalists at aproduct-testing facility.during a media tour of the factory. Photo courtesy of Thomas Lee

  2. oldnews isnt it? but what phone isnt produced in china/asia?
  3. It's news to me, although, we always hear that China is a shit hole from time to time, although the Gov't, Media, and Corps would like to keep that info away from us.

    Either way, I'm done. Never again will buy anything made in China.

    Does anyone know of a website that catalogs all the things are actually made in the USA? Cause off the top off my head, nothing is
  4. Zippos are! :D
  5. I quit smoking cigs almost 4 years ago and burning a bowl/bong with a Zippo is gross, but at least its a start :laughing:
  6. Haha I'm truly sorry i couldnt come up with more stuff, but you could add stuff made in europe to your list, too! ;)
  7. This is true and you have me a great idea for another thread, where to buy shit thats not made from slave labor

    I'd love to save these poor people and the only way to do that is to hurt their bosses where it really hurts, their wallet.
  8. Good luck with that.

    How was this news to you? We've known for decades how horrible the working conditions are in China (and by extension, Mexico, The Philippines, Indonesia, basically anywhere with cheap labor), but we as Americans are unwilling to pay increased costs to keep our manufacturing here in the US. There isn't a single cell phone currently being marketed which is actually made here.

    The only way to combat this would be to create a highly regulated market where imports were either barred from the marketplace or where they were heavily taxed.

    We don't make much of anything anymore here in the US.
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    Sweet, thanks for that link. That's exactly what I was looking for.

    This is news to me. Like I've said, we're aware that we buy cheap shit from these countries who treat their workers like shit. Call this my last straw. I'm done with the out of sight out of mind attitude we Americans have.

    But do not blame this on the American people. It's the corporations who go to these countries because of the LAX laws and cheap (slave labor). We, the people, had no say in this, nor were we asked. Our only fault is to continuing buying these products. We have all the reasons in the world not to buy this shit, from lead poisoning to suicidal workers working in inhumane conditions.

    I'm done. Whose with me?
  10. well acutally if i remember correctly you could produce lets say the iphone 5 in the us and still sell it for 5-600bucks, but the $$ for steve jobs wouldnt be the same. nike shoes are produced for what? less than a dollar?

    some anti-apple dudes once made a chart where you could see how much the acutally price of producing the iphone4 was and it was something like 100$ or similar
  11. But the problem is that the high margins of the iPhone lead to new research & development and to increased shareholder value. I've personally bought two cars (A BMW and an Infiniti) because of how Apple has been able continue to dominate the marketplace, in part because of the high profit margins.

    Here's the main problem with people who stand for truly open and unregulated markets. Clearly the consumer will put up with anything if it saves them money. Clearly the corporation will do anything to increase profit margins. People need some regulations to keep them in check, and consumers sometimes need to be forced to make a decision. Europe did this brilliantly with gas prices, artifically inflating prices to force Europeans to drive much more effecient cars.
  12. Good call on the numbers there because an iphone is not cheap, granted we do have a lot of cheap shit made there, we also have expensive shit made there as well. Everything is made in China, or other nation with similar laws/conditions. Would they raise the prices if it were produced in the USA? Sure, because they can with the excuse we Americans have to be paid at least minimum wage, which is low low low. But in actuality the prices for most goods could remain the same to the consumer. Of course the company has to eat it the losses and that's not good business in the Capitalist society. Money comes first and people obviously last. Either way, I'd happily pay a higher price if it were made in the USA, but I don't want to support any of these companies anymore because they know exactly what they are doing. It's truly evil

    As of last year, these were the prices.


    Apple to launch no-contract iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 at end of summer?
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    Look what I found on China Daily

    Foxconn to use 1m robots to replace workers

    They plan on increasing employment, oh goodie!

    There is not talk of the conditions of the work environments or worker suicide. Which doesn't shock me

  14. Bro have fun with buying nothing. And i hate to say it but stuff made in America is absolute shit and breaks so easily.
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    Tbh, I don't really buy anything. So when I am in need of something I'll just have to look a little harder to avoid buying blood products. If blood diamonds are unacceptable then so should products produced and sold in these conditions.

    And in my experience, products made in China are shit as well and also breaks as easily, even easier in many cases. Off the top of my head, I had this keyboard for gaming
    Damn, that one is pimp & expensive, $89.99! Mine didn't illuminate. I guess they stopped selling that model, & mine sold for around $60ish. I love that design and it's pretty much the only one of its kind. It's perfect for gaming! Problem is it's made in China. I've owned 4 keyboards from this company. Every single one just died within months. They have a 1 year warranty so they'll give you a new one, but this is ridiculous! The item is junk. So when my last one broke I wrote an email to the company expressing my dissatisfaction and told them I no longer support their product. It's a shame too, now I don't play games anymore :( They also make a World of Warcraft gaming mouse which is $99.99. I played WoW and I used to read the forums, people loved and hated that mouse for the same reasons I love and hate they're keyboards.


    Anyway, items made in China suck balls and they charge you out the ass while people kill themselves :mad:

    I've made up my mind. I'm done. What say you?
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    People kill themselves because their girlfriend broke upnwith them. Does that mean you shoulddnt date? No. Your just raging bro.
    Steel series is a horrible company. Know the company your buying from. And if something repeatedly breaks why the fuck would you buy it? Steel series is the worst company for gaming, and it's common sense not to buy from the same company when it breaks every time. Also yo probably treated the keyboard like shit. My buddy has had the same merc keyboard of both versions since the day they were released.
    Tl;dr treat your stuff better don't but from a company whose products break when you use them.
    Edit: you also linked the wow mouse. Dude that mouse is fucking horrible. Ayone that buys that is a complete retard and enjoys paying out the ass for a shit product. Bt the razor naga it's minimum $30 cheaper and is 100x better with way better button placement. Once again research the company your buying from and don't buy something cause it looks cool. Ad the merc keyboard is pretty shitty as it is, I'd rather Duse the keyboards that came with a windows 98 computers.
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    No these people kill themselves because of their work environments, unless the article is lying, which I doubt because they've been reporting on this issue for some time, since they have written many articles about it. Imagine, where ever it is you work, the environment is so bad you actually think about killing yourself. That may be hard to imagine since no such work conditions exist in the US, or none that I am aware of. And lets also discuss the poor living conditions they have to suffer as well. They're damned if they do and damned if they don't. And these US companies support the Chinese Gov't and these slave labor companies because all of them gladly buy their products to re-sell here at outrageous prices we dare call 'low'.

    They employ 1.2 million people and are the largest producer in China. They are Top Dog. Damn right I'm raging, and you cannot convince me otherwise. So may as well come aboard or jump off.

    Btw, on a side note, if you read my post properly you would have read the company has a 1 year warranty and will replace the products that break. After 4 replacements I said I quit. And I don't treat my keyboards like shit. So stop assuming. The US company designs the product and Chinese company makes it. You dig?

    btw part 2, I wanna call you every name in the book but I'll settle for dense. I posted the WoW mouse (which I've never owned) as a fantastic example of how much they sell these items for, while its production costs are at their lowest so the US company can make as much money as they can off of these cheap pieces of shit.

    Why you would argue with me about this is beyond me, but I'm done with you in this thread. Jesus
  18. Hell yeh the US need to stop buying from china man, you do know they put detonating devices in everything they make :p

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