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  1. easy to make, just make both holes with a knife, stretch them with a flathead screwdriver, carve a bowl, toke

    worked awseome since i lent my piece to someone, just went into the trail behind my house and hid between two trees
  2. anyone else ever resort to this?
  3. I've done this before. It worked pretty good 'cept the bowl was to big so the bud would fall into the apple.

    Also, if you use a refrigerated apple, it cools the smoke.
  4. I've always wanted to try this.

    is it better than a pipe ?
  5. Sounds good although ive never tried it. Its a bowl then a snack. need to try it sometimes
  6. lol it sure is
  7. i think it works wicked good especially if you have nothing else to smoke out of. id take smoking out of an apple anyday rather than smoking out of processed metals and palctics:smoke:
  8. about the same, takes a little more practice, i fucked up the first hit, but the next few i got it down

    well i suppose it takes a little time to adjust to any new piece
  9. It's funny because I have never actually smoked from an apple, I think i'm gonna try it sometime.
  10. hell ya, that shits bad for u
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    not to mention some can give you a killer headache, ruining your high
  12. Apples are nice. Back in my days of highschool smoking, before I owned a bong, my buddies and I would just grab an apple and walk into the woods. It was super chill. It didn't rip as hard as a glass piece, but it was very easy to take long, slow hits, and it was pretty discrete. The apple flavor is nice, too. Every once in a while I like to smoke out of an apple, to reminisce.
  13. Apples are the best thing to use in a pinch.

    I make them so you don't have to carve out a bowl.

    Just take a pencil or pen or whatever looks like that..

    Take out the stem at the top of the apple..

    Push the pen/pencil/thing down thru the top a little over halfway..

    Thru the side, poke a hole just into the center tunnel,

    Below the mouthpiece poke another hole for carb.


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  14. i think i may have made mine differently than OP's but yeah works like a charm, and the apple is edible after and i would guess that it has THC in it :smoke:
  15. I use a hollowed out pen to make the holes, and a knife to carve the bowl.

    1. Carve bowl to desired size.

    2. Poke pen through all the way, but don't connect it to the bowl yet. (horizontally one side is the carb, one side is the mouth piece.)

    3. Use the knife to poke a small hole in the bottom of the bowl into the "pen-hole" so weed wont come through, but smoke will.

    4. Pack the bowl.

    5. :smoke:

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