apple will own us all

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    The US gov't has no money.. Stop reading cnn.
  2. All The Government has to do is print more money WTF?! lol they are the Gov for a reason...
  3. Yeah, now that I think of it, I think I have more money than the damn US govt

  4. If the dont want to exist any longer they can do that. Printing money causes inflation.

  5. You obviously dont understand how this economy works.

  6. Well aren't you a genius. :rolleyes:
  7. Never took economics, did you?


    Oh and inb4thegovtkillsstevejobsandtakesallofapplesmoney lol.


    hahah but seriously, my fifth grade teacher grew up in germany and she told me that their gov did that and she used to carry a bag full of money to buy a loaf of bread for her family.
  9. I think it means that they have more money than the Gov't makes annually - from taxes and such. I dunno though, as I haven't read it.
  10. This is why I dont buy the apple "I" anything. Soon apple will buy windows, then we're all screwed. How long before "irobot"?
  11. I was just kidding guys... -___-

  12. i liked that movie. will smith is :cool:

  13. If you have 10 dollars and you split it into 10 and have 10 ones do you have more money? No, you have the same amount just the current bills you have are worth less.

    meaning if you print a shitton of money, it decreases in value because the rarity goes down.
  14. He said he was joking 37 minutes ago lol.

  15. I usually read a thread until i see something i want to reply to, in which case his "print more money" post.


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