Apple Pipe

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  1. Whats the best way to make one?
  2. with an apple
  3. problem solved.
  4. scissors, bore out a hole near the top that you would use for a bowl :smoking:piece, Bore out another going into the middle for the mouth piece, and one more hole on the side for the carb. DONE

  5. Also, you can stick a hollowed out pen tube in the mouthpiece. I fin it makes for much smoother hits.
  6. wouldn't you be smoking plastic as well?

    oh and also... I'm new smoking so don't hate =) but when making the mouth hole, should you only allow the slimmer, pointy, writing part of the pen to poke through to the bowl?
    so you don't get scoobie snacks, that is. a pen has a pretty wide diameter and it seems like stuff would fall into your mouth
  7. When I've had to make on I just took a pen and stuck it down the middle. Then I poke one out the side like this / into the center hole.

    Done. lol
  8. angle the knife into the top indent of the apple where the stem is. cut it in a circle to form a cone where your bowl will be. now take a thin rod or corkscrew and dig it a bit into the center a little more than halfway down. make an incision from the side with a pen or something to meet with dug out hole.

    also, try it with a red bell pepper. those things are super easy and you can make a well-functioning carb. all you gotta do is pull off the green stem and dig a little hole for a bowl.

    in my noob days, i spent a few times with apples, bell peppers, cucumbers (not so good), and carrots.
  9. take a penic, make one hole that goes half of the way through the apple on the side of the apple, and a hole on the top of the apple that connects to your previous hole.
  10. its pretty easy just make hole through top and one through the you make your hole through the top kinda determines if its gonna be shitty or legit

    i recomend using those lil eyeglass repair small metal screwdrivers straight through the top and then just a pen or pencil throough the side. and just inhale to see if its letting air through properly.

    and using a hollow pen tube is legit to use a mouthpiece just stick through the hole in the side
  11. is there any reason not to smoke these regularily? until i get my bowl, that is. Can't be unhealthy for you... right now i have a piece made out of a pen.

  12. not at all, its all organic matter unless you happen to get the apple that was grown next to the pesticide tanks. in fact, the apple aroma goes quite nicely with a good session;)
  13. sweet man :smoking:
    hmmm seems like the apple itself would absorb some of the smoke, and therefore, thc... maybe?

  14. well, not any more than a pipe or bubbler. its not like apples possess a unique THC killing ability. but smoking any way involves some loss of THC, i think it will be negligible compared to a regular pipe
  15. hahaha :D
    one last thing- how many uses will this pipe last me?
    i mean, i wouldn't want to use it after its all brown and stuff (i hate apples that have been left out cut in half, and are all brown)
  16. THC is fat soluable and there is mainly water in the apple. so losing thc wont be a problem
  17. i'd probably only use it once
  18. Me and my friend did this every day one summer when we didnt have a real peice..

    take an apple and with a knife cut into the top part about halfway down into the apple. once you have a pretty nice hole, thats not going all the way through to the bottom, take a pen tube and jam it through the apple til it pokes into the hole. you probably have some apple in your pen, so clean it out. Take some foil, and put it over the hole, dent it in, poke holes with toothpick.
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    dont use tin foil, very bad for ur health
    (as he will show you in one of his other videos)
    just check out this video bra
    [ame=""]YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]
  20. dammit all my weed is ground up... and i don't have screens =(

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