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Apple Pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TDotOh, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. Hey I just smoked out of an apple pipe i just made. I thought hey i never done it before so why not try and make one. It was pretty cool. It didnt really make the weed taste like "WOW IT TASTES LIKE APPLE", just more of the taste from the juices. All in all I'm high right now writing this so its all good.

    I do have one question though...

    What would happen if i eat the apple after?
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    Last edited: Aug 15, 2018
  3. eating it would be fine. You'd probably get trace amounts of THC unless you smoked like 3 ounces out of it or something then it might actually get you a lot higher
  4. Yea your just guna be tasting that resin it would be like rubbing the shit from your bowl on the inside of an apple and eating it yummm.... but good way to get ride of the evidance
  5. I take pride in my apple pipes. I use a Gala apple, a socket and just pack bowls before class while im driving down the scenic route. Be careful they only last about 2 or three days then they can get soggy and moldy. but nothing like a fresh apple pipe in a pinch. As far as eating them I have tasted the apple and it isn't good after it has had smoke running over it depositing resin for a while. Try at your own risk...
  6. you really only taste the resin near holes, but thats just my opinion
  7. use a pocket knife and cute the bowl and the mouthpeice and the core out. most of the apple should be fine, as long as the resin or smoke didnt pass through it

    Evil :smoke:
  8. i burnt my nose lighting an apple pipe and havent touched one since.
  9. You can eat the parts that smoke didnt go through, but where it did go through(the pipe like path you poked through it) might be nasty to eat.
  10. I tried eating the apple once. It tasted pretty good. Probably cuz I was hiiiiigh haha.
  11. I ended up just throwing it away.... I can also say my high is pretty much completely gone as of now lol. Now im headed out and have 3 joints ready for the night for me and my friends

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