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apple pipe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by aabbii, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. alot of people rant on about them because they are a safer alternative to other home made smoking devices that use tin foil etc...

    But are they good? Do they do the job if you make them right? Or should i just stick to j's until i get my bong?
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    well heck they're fun, the smoke tastes kinda appley and you CAN get a decent hit off it if you make it right... better than smoking out of a tin can (i did the tin can thing back in my noob days..eww)
  3. Apples are nice if you don't have anything else. I prefer them to tin foil or joints.
  4. Yea they definitely do the job. I like using apple bowls if I don't have a piece. Plus you can eat it

  5. Oh yeah, forgot to mention the part about eating it afterwards:hello:
  6. They definately get the job done. Also they are a million times safer than smoking out of aluminum foil and nowhere as near as harsh on the lungs as it is when youre smoking out of a metal pipe. Best alternative to not having a piece is the apple in terms of health.
  7. OMG I wouldn't recommend eating it. I tried that once, tasted somewhat like an ashtray...

    I have quite the collection of pipes, but I still make an apple pipe every once in a while. They are tasty.

    I take my time and really hollow it out, not completely, but enough to make a good sized chamber. I use a bic pen tube to hollow it out because it cuts in and removes a chunk at the same time. Then the pen tube becomes the mouth stem. And I put a carb on it too. It works like a charm!
  8. get on youtube and make sure you learn how to do it right. as long as you clear out the apple parts from the holes you should be able to get some decent hits.

    and eating it is fine, but just make sure that youre not eating the parts where the bud was or where smoke went. but there is a lot of good apple left.

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