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Apple pipe advice.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Svannim, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. So after reading some replies from my other post, I have decided to make an apple pipe so I can smoke hit by hit. I only have a few questions. I saw a few videos on Youtube and some of them they have bowls at the top with and without an illuminum foil cover on it, and some have people that pushed a hole through the entire middle of the apple to have a hole at the end where you cover it with your finger, and some don't. So I'm just wondering what exactly I should have on my pipe. Keep in mind that I'm a noob smoker and this would be my first time. I also have a joint about the size of my middle finger filled with "pretty strong" reggy. Thanks.
  2. I think you should make a gravity bong instead or something more efficient, but that's me.
  3. Apple Pipe-

    Take a bic pen and take it apart. Then take just the tube of the pen and push it horizontally through the whole apple.

    Next take a the bic pen push vertically till it breaches the horizontal hole/bowl whole..

    Now dont use aluminum foil, thats harmful, but just cut a piece of paper like the size of a blunt wrap, then roll it up so its a smaller diamter then the bowl hole.. and stuff it down it...


    Happy toking
  4. I used an apple pipe my first time also. As long as you have a bowl and a hole to the bowl to suck in, it doesn't really matter how you make it.
  5. Ok if you burn the foil and smoke it all up, it will hurt you. You can use it. just poke little holes in it and dont burn it. make sure to use regular foil and not any that has glue or and special glue on it. or just pack it so tight that it cant fall down into the apple. that works too

    Or just buy a bong!!:bongin:
  6. Aluminum foil is only harmful if you manage to seriously burn it down to the base. Lightly grazing the foil with the fire won't release any harmful toxins, But you still shouldn't use it regularly.

    If you want it to be easy and simple just do what xtully said but make a large aluminum bowl, and if not then use the paper thing.
  7. I start by getting a socket with a sceen, making a hole about as big as the socket where the core of the apple is so it fits partly in, and then use a hollowed pen to poke a hole through to the hole where the socket connects and inhale through.
  8. i usually cut off a part of the top of the apple and shape that into a bowl with a knife

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