Apple/orange hybrid?

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  1. Is it possible to breed an apple tree with an orange tree, and have it make a super fruit(i was thinking a good name would be an Appange)? Like honestly, has anyone in the world ever tried this, or will i have to some day? It sounds so simple if you were an arborist or something.
  2. No, it's not. The apple and the orange belong to two completely different species (they don't even belong to the same order) and are unable to interbreed. The only way for this to be possible would be through gene splicing, which is difficult.
  3. Stoned Opossum, not so fast! Plants don't always follow the same rules as animals!

    Read about Fatshedera- a cross between Fatsia japonica and common ivy!

    Fatshedera lizei ([​IMG] /fætsˈhɛdərə/)[1] is an inter-generic hybrid of flowering plants, commonly known as tree ivy or aralia ivy. It was created by hybridizing Fatsia japonica 'Moserii' (Moser's Japanese Fatsia, the seed parent) and Hedera helix (Common Ivy, the pollen parent) at the Lizé Frères tree nursery at Nantes in France in 1912. Its generic name is derived from the names of the two parent genera. The plant combines the shrubby shape of Fatsia with the five-lobed leaves of Hedera.

    Fatshedera lizei - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    (My Mom had one in her Japanese-style garden, until our dog dug it up).

    You can do things genetically with plants that would be impossible with animals! However, in most cases, Stoned Opossum is right- it usually doesn't work.

    Granny :wave:
  4. Mannnn ''/
    I would love to gene splice with Marijuana and Fruits and Create and Euphoric Fruit.
  5. Granny that's fascinating! Are these inter-bred plants sterile or can they still reproduce? Sterility is the issue always found in the animal kingdom when inter-species breeding occurs.
  6. Heard of a grapple?
    Grape & Apple hybrid.
    Really sweet like a Grape, but in the shape of an Apple.
    I wouldn't doubt an Apple & Orange Hybrid exists.


    Didn't really sell to many of these, but they are delicious, then again a 4 pack was like $5-6
  7. so, is someone gonna create a poppy/cannabis hybrid soon?
  8. Unfortunately, those aren't hybrids. They're just fuji apples that have been soaked in a grape flavored water.
  9. I'm sure something like an appange (op's apple orange) would be something that could be accomplished. I have had crossed fruits before, not the grapple, but others I bought at a local market that we done not in a lab. Quite interesting. However, scientists are finding new things to do every son often with fruits and veggies. Some scientists recently created a brunt blue strawberry that can grow in cold weather
    Other fruits and veggies have also been crossed, than grown naturally from there

    Aaahhh the possibilities of science!

  10. im willing to bet this is just poor nomenclature.

    theyre the same family, so we know theyre about as similar as blueberries are to apples at the very least. but its possibly theyre simply two different but very similar genera.

    it happens more often than youd think, somebody screws up in naming on species because they dont realize just how close it is for one reason or another.
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    You're really not far off... I ate a hybrid plum/apricot the other day.

    They call it a pluot.

    It was also delicious, and perfectly captured the elements that I enjoy from both fruits. It was the size of a small plum, freckled orange/red skin and pink/red flesh. Very sweet, and texture not as firm as apricots but not as soft and juicy as a plum.

    Pluot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Plums and apricots are both from the Prunus genus.
  12. Haent you ever tried mini bananas
    There crunchier than your average banana and they havr a slight hint of apple flavor
  13. This is a mini banana

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  14. Yeah, it should be possible

    It could be done in a way similar to how they graft together plants right?

    Ive seen this gell shit that grafted together two clones of different strains to produce some delicious smelling buds
  15. an appange ? lol i wonder how that would taste o_O and look
  16. They wouldnt be able to produce offspring if they were bred.

    You could splice and make a mutant hybrid tree, but that tree wouldn't be fertile.

    Like Mules
  17. Deadly nightshade and tomatoes are closely related (and that's part of why back in the days of George Washington, people thought tomatoes were poisonous). I had read on erowid that a man talented in grafting plants together was able to use their relatedness so well that he created the first psychoactive tomatoes by grafting one plant to the other.

    Funny thing about citrus in general is that all known fruits in the family are in a super-species, and everything sold in the grocery store is a hybrid.

    As for apples and oranges, I think genetic engineering would need to take place. Not something so drastic as immediately crossing the two types of fruit within the same plant, but small changes using a retrovirus that gradually replaces prominent genes until the two plants can cross pollinate. It'd take a few generations, but I think this would be a safer and more efficacious method of hybridization than modifying an existing apple/orange seed to produce a plant that wholly resembles a post-apocalyptic hybrid a la "tomacco" on the Simpsons (though tomatoes and tobacco are closely related enough for this to be a possibility without plutonium, because both tomato and tobacco plants are in the same family as nightshade).
  18. ahahahah there are some funny fruits
    imagine a plum(the good ones)+apple+orange+mango

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