Apple may design its own servers to avoid government snooping

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  1. Apple may design its own servers to avoid government snooping | ExtremeTech

    " We’ve known for roughly two years the US government has programs devoted to intercepting computer hardware mid-shipment. These programs are used to insert backdoors or spyware deep into a system’s firmware before it even arrives at its destination. A new report claims Apple is looking into building its own servers as a way to thwart this type of insertion."

    " Apple has long suspected that servers it ordered from the traditional supply chain were intercepted during shipping, with additional chips and firmware added to them by unknown third parties in order to make them vulnerable to infiltration, according to a person familiar with the matter. At one point, Apple even assigned people to take photographs of motherboards and annotate the function of each chip, explaining why it was supposed to be there. Building its own servers with mothe"

    " Apple, however, isn’t alone in its efforts. Last year, Cisco’s security chief announced it purposefully shipped to fake locations to keep the NSA from targeting and intercepting its hardware."

    " Google publicly announced it would begin encrypting all data that travels through its data centers after information leaked that the NSA had tapped undersea cables to spy on Google’s data centers from the inside, where data was once unencrypted."
  2. Why not? I would do the same.
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  3. I think it is interesting to see this battle unfolding.

    There are many aspects of power, but I think information is becoming an increasingly significant aspect. So we have the traditional centers of power suddenly realizing they are no longer possessing a monopoly.

    In this cyber age, tech companies can and are seriously challenging the old guard.
  4. I wonder if it's true..
    It could also be the opposite as well, designed to make us shut up.
  5. In regards to?
  6. Your right Information is powerful. Data is a big money maker now. Data centers are poping up everywhere. Everything that everyone does is being tracked and feed into computers. That knowledge is being used to predict the future and citizens behaviors
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  7. They know who butters their bread. If it were more advantageous to cater to the government that's what they'd do.
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  8. Good point, so if they aren't catering to them, why isn't it more advantageous? Power shift in progress?
  9. Just saw on the news the FBI gained access to the iPhone and has dropped it's lawsuit against Apple....
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  10. I guess big corporations are the bad guys until they put their thumb in the government's eye, then they're cool.
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  11. What'd ya know. Turns out everyone who understands technology was right about the fact that installing a back door into everyone's iPhones was not the only way to gain access to this particular phone. I am glad Apple stood their ground and refused to be intimidated into compromising the security of millions of its customers. Had a backdoor been installed, hackers would have it exploited within a week.

    As an aside, I personally believe the FBI knew how to unlock it the whole time.
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  12. I agree Lenny, analogous to wanting a master key to every door just to get in one house.

    I have no doubt they can get into any one device, but its too slow, especially encrypted phones. Imagine the processing power it would require to, in real time, gather info from all locked and encrypted phones?

    Or am I incorrect in assuming that this backdoor would be accessible without the physical phone?
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  13. Exactly sure the nsa can spy on the people but when big corps get spied on they don't like that too much at least when big corporations stick up to the government you know something will get done(money)
  14. This whole article is b.s. subjecture or psuedo reporting.
    Fun to talk about sure though highly misleading with no verification of data.
  15. Google > Linux > Microsoft > Apple

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