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    Im back from a short break of the city and welcome to my room! After a year of soil I'm ready to try more so here I come hydroponics! With work slowing down I'll be doing my best to check in regularly.

    What I have going on right now.. 5 ladies in soil under my 600w HPS set at 50%

    24 clones rooting in my bubbler, a few in rockwool and 2 clones from last month in soil under cfls.

    All plants are from bagseed I received last year cloned out, a Purple Kush and a mix of PK and Green Dream.

    First up for hydro, DWC.

    Ill be using Advanced Nutrients grow micro and bloom, and making EWC tea for beneficial microbes.

    I have a 45 lpm (20w) air pump I'm hoping will be enough for the small grow I have going.

    1413036619852.jpg 1413036635532.jpg 1413036646629.jpg

    Since I'm just starting hydro all suggestions, advice, and criticism are welcomed, it'll be a bumpy ride.
  2. Got some roots in the bubble bucket :)

    Gonna make a larger tub next week to veg them. I'll be picking 6-12 of the best ones to keep.

    Looks like I can switch my HPS to flower now that several clones are rooted.
  3. The bubble bucket has slime ugh, cleaning that up and my ewc tea should be ready later.

    Hoping this tea really does the trick. I can't afford all the extra equipment to mantain the res properly.
  4. I figure if I can keep the slime in check the rest will be good enough.

    I did a thorough cleaning of everything last night, put some of the tea in the res so we'll see how it goes in a few days. The tub doesn't feel slimy today but the clones have more slime on them.
  5. Ive been looking into getting some aquashield and zho powder to add to my EWC tea for extra help.

    So far though from my underatanding, the slime is starting to die. Gonna keep using the tea and see if i can save these clones. If not there's plenty of new shoots on the girls.

    Biting the bullet and heading to a few stores today to get some more supplies. I like rdwc setups so i think I'll try that.
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    1413560339454.jpg 1413560348455.jpg

    The water looks pretty still but its bubbling a lot lol... 4 airstones in there since its the only thing needing them currently.
  7. Decided to go the hempy route, still gonna get supplies for dwc but taking baby steps into it. That clear slime sucks and is everywhere..

    1413990315148.jpg 1413990329916.jpg 1413990361594.jpg
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  9. Couldn't have said it any better.

    1414158278830.jpg Got it all ready.

    Took a pic of the girls, kept them from flowering until I have a few more clones rooted. Cant wait to get some purple again :)
  10. What size pot & how tall are those lovely ladies
  11. Roughly 10 gallons and 3+ feet tall.
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    All but three clones have already rooted. I took this batch on the 20th.

    Fliped the HPS to 12/12 so they can take off. I'm gonna lollipop them after the stretch. These girls make nice colas but the other buds were small.
  13. Forgot this pic.
  14. 1414334465674.jpg 1414334481422.jpg

    Getting bigger and bushy quick.

    Can't wait for it to get colder out, gonna shut off the AC and turn the light up to 100% and let it heat the room.
  15. My bubbleberry was like that

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