Apple iPhone security hole is now official

Discussion in 'General' started by whitewarrior, Jul 25, 2007.

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    According to a security consulting firm, the iPhone can easily be taken control of by hackers, leaving your personal information out in the open. According to the Maryland-based firm Independent Security Evaluators, hackers can take over an iPhone if a user accesses a Web site designed by the hacker. For example, an attacker can send an iPhone user an e-mail that says, “‘Check this link out. It's great,'” Charles Miller, the firm's principal security analyst, told If the user then clicks on the link to the site, the person controlling the site can access anything on the user's iPhone, including text messages, e-mails, phone numbers and address books. In other words, hackers can access “stuff you don't want people to know about,” Miller said. If hackers connect the server to a computer, as the security firm did, then they can download all of the information. The firm began looking into potential security issues last Monday when the company's founder, Avi Rubin, was showing off his iPhone, Miller said. “He gave us the proposition,” Miller said. “‘If you guys think you can do it.' He gave us a week and an iPhone to play with.” When the firm made the discovery last week, it called Apple to warn about the issue. “They haven't said a whole lot to us,” Miller said. “They basically acknowledged that they were looking into it.” Apple said that the company is looking into the firm's report. “We always welcome feedback on how to improve our security,” said Lynn Fox, an Apple spokeswoman. The security firm also found that the iPhone could also be hacked using a public Wi-Fi connection, for example at an airport or a coffee shop, if the hacker set up an additional wall between users and the connection. Not everything looking perfect is actually that cool in these days…
    Source: ABC, Register

  2. These new devices they come out with are so terribly designed and inadequetly tested. Not just apple, all companies.

    It's their fault mostly, but a small portion is the consumer (or the market).

    We are so demanding to have newer technology- and there is nothing wrong with this. The problem is companies cannot hold back a product too long because their secrets and specs on the product gets leaked and knockoff/similar items will be manufactured & on the market.

    Ofcourse Apple wanted to hurry up and get their phone out there- they beat the competition and made a lot more profit. I'm sure they really do not care you're phone can get hacked (in terms of buisness). It's not like you can do much about it but wait till they come up with a fix.
  3. ^^I agree bro. And thats $500 that I would NEVER spend on a gadget.
  4. I'd rather get a nice palmone.
  5. Hahaha, I hate iPhones so much...
  6. it was bound to have some isssues. im sure it will be patched very shortly.
  7. I'm waiting for the second or third-gen iphone before I even think about buying one.

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