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  1. So all you Mac and Apple fans out here on GC knowthat an Apple convention is approaching and i recently got a Google Wave invite from a fellow GC member so i was thinking it would be cool to use Wave since its live to keep you updated about the event. i know someone going to an apple event wouldnt like a google product but its a good idea right?:confused:
  2. Apple wasn't at CES? They should've presented there.

    However, Apple doesn't care much about business customers so I can see how trade shows are of little interest to them. Their focus is geared toward the individual market.
  3. IMO Apple gears their products toward kids that want whatever looks good and is "cool", and they couldn't give a damn about how well it works....
  4. Apple is "too good" for CES.. cmon now we all know that they like their own exclusive events to create hype amongst the market. I am a proud owner of a Macbook Pro and far from a fanboy but i cant wait (like everyone else out there) to see what Stevie and the Apple gang will release in the months to come..a tablet/e-reader of some sort?
  5. Probably just more overpriced junk running restrictive software.
  6. my sources tell me the following: Apple iSlate. Jan 27th. iPhone apps will work on it. Shhhh!
  7. Your sources are telling you nothing that the rest of the online community that follows this shit already doesn't need to shhhh.

    If the rumors are correct, it looks shitty.
  8. HAHA! I laughed a bit.. maybe this time they'll introduce the ability to customize your background and call it the ibackground, or the ability to do something truly insane like run more than one application.

    Yup, Giz and Engadg have been all over this for quite some time. Now we have to put up with the bloggers creaming their hipster pants over some overpriced, closed source POS. The /noapple tag works great for Giz most of the time though :hello:
  9. It's my favorite tag there.

    And I agree with everything else you said. Why anybody would want an oversized iPhone (not even running a full OS) is beyond me...but no doubt it'll sell like hotcakes.
  10. I agree too. If the Apple tablet is nothing but a larger iPhone then really what the fudge is the point? All of the iPhone/iPod Touch apps are designed for their screen resolution so when it goes bigger they will be stretched out and look like poop. But Apple always seems to find a way to make their products worth getting. Usually.
  11. I'm pretty sure the apps are scalable in the SDK (at least they are for android) for different resolutions.

    but it will still be poop :D
  12. if we know one thing about apple its that they like to take things away, buttons, USB ports, firewire, atom support, cooling systems, etc. I would not be surprised if they took away all USB ports on this device, no user replaceable battery, and of course no optical drive.It will basically be a functional version of the giant iPhones at the apple store. It will of course be shit, but fanboys wont care, it will be Applegade-uh i mean Engadgets device of the year. Meanwhile "pc makers" make tablets with usb ports, display ports, user replaceable batteries, better processors, that run either custom builds of Android (or other GNU/Linux variant) or Windows 7, and cost a third less. This is how things work with Apple.
    also the first gen apple tablets will probably blow up and kill your parrot or something.
  13. I read that on the 27th there going to announce a 4th Gen iPhone for either T-Mo or Verizon, a Tablet, and OS 4.0 for the 3G and 3GS iPhone.. Who knows..?
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    Apple takes things away to make it simpler and easier to use for the normal everyday person.

    I don't know a single person who uses feeds anymore, it's rare to find Fire Wire anywhere these days despite it's pros, and cooling systems?!?! I have never heard of an Apple product overheating.

    Not having a removable battery removes the non-OEM makers from making cheap batterys to use in devices that in most cases are not good for the device.

    Tons of the netbooks on the market don't have optical drives because there is really becoming less and less use for them and they don't see the point in wasting space on them. And why would Apple include an optical drive in a product that is (im guessing to be) mainly to be used as an Internet device?

    It will most definitely not be shit. Can you even name one recent Apple product that has been shit?

    If Apple makes their tablet nothing more than a over-sized iPhone I will GUARANTEE that it will not win Engadget's device of the year. I'm sure that they realize to that Apple needs to do something big with this.

    And lastly Apple products cost more for multiple reasons. For one thing Apple makes their OS and the computers they run on so they can make sure that it runs optimally. Unlike Microsoft that sells their OS to companies like Dell to simply just install on. Also Apple uses proprietary hardware, not whatever they can find like some manufacturers. Another reason is when you buy an Apple product you get fantastic customer support that is ranked higher than any other computer manufacturer. A couple years ago my Grandmother bought a dial-up modem from Apple for her iMac. A few months after she bought it she moved her computer room around and she accidently broke it so she took it into an Apple store to see if she could buy another of the same type. And guess what? They gave it to her free of charge.

    You my friend are a Apple-Hater with no good arguement
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    It should be up to the user to decide what is better, not apple. Its called freedom. If i want to use a third party batterey, thas my choice, not apples. Just like its not the governments choice if i can smoke ganj.

    What i mean by that was there wouldnt be an option for one at all, since as i said before, no usb port. perhaps not a great argument, but you clearly didnt pick up on my sarcasm.

    The iPhone is shit. AppleTV seems like shit, the macbook i used to have was ok, i wont call it shit, but i wont call it great.

    Maybe you could get away with that "special hardware" crap when they used PPC, but now that they are basically the same internally as any other computer, that just doesnt wash. We are not comparing Apple to M$, we are comparing them to other OEMs, they have to pay (though very little) for an OS (unless they are thugin and use GNU/Linux) too. Apple may use good hardware (i experienced otherwise), they may make a good OS (based on free software), but they still way overcharge in my opinion. I was once a fanboy, but even then i could admit macs were overpriced and they were made from the same hardware as PCs.

    I am not a mac hater, I really dig OS X, even though its based on free software and it has been turned into probably the most restrictive OS. I just like to make fun of them, mostly cause i get a kick out of fanboys defending a huge company.

    edit: also, the cooling systems was a reference to the original mac, the kleenex box pover mac, and the original iMac. should have been a clue to sarcasm.
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  17. The average user rarely makes use of all of the ports on laptops and why would Apple let non-OEM products for their product when the user could just get their phone replaced and get a new one to use.

    The iPhone is shit!?!!!?? You are the first person I met to not like the iPhone.
    And yea 1 thing lol, AppleTV is honestly absolute shit lol.

    That's somewhat true but what I meant is that Apple knows that their OS will work on all of their products and whereas Microsoft just gives companies like Dell and Toshiba their recommendations for their OS.

    Apple does have parts made by the smaller OEMs but they then improve it and add some of their things to it to make it a better OS for the user and remove some of the complicated parts. And I'm pretty sure Microsoft does this too.
  18. I think the iphone does multi-touch better than any other device i've swiped my grubby paws on, great UI, very intuitive.

    Having said all that, being an entirely closed system completely negates all the positive points. Alos, Apple's attitude annoys me about their software/hardware updates. No cut/copy/paste integration in v.1, then they acted like they invented it when it was updated, as an example

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