Apple and Facebook paying for women to freeze their eggs.

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  1. Companies paying for freezing eggs?
    Is it really encouraging women to work in male dominated facilities?

    I think the thought of having children is always in the back of women's heads, at least mine. I don't expect to have children until I'm 28, apple and Facebook are also offering extended paid maternity leave, 4 months of paid leave, which is amazing.

    Freezing eggs costs up to 20,000$.

    Advocates of the technology have applauded Facebook's and Apple's support, and the overall effort to attract more women employees in the predominantly white male workforces of both companies is certainly commendable.

    But there are several concerns worth raising: one is that egg freezing is still not a very reliable way of getting pregnant, and thus still isn't recommended for "career women" by The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Another is that it puts the onus on women to decide when to have kids, yet men's sperm quality also declines with age and sperm storage is far cheaper.

    It also would seem to encourage delaying childbirth and reinforce a workplace culture that isn't supportive of childrearing earlier in people's careers. Facebook and Apple, both of which already offer some childcare support, may find that their money is better spent investing in more flexible work/life options for their employees at all stages of life.

    What do you think?
  2. whats the point? to encourage women that work there to have children in their late 30's or early 40's? i dont get it.
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  5. I think it's giving the option of not having to worry about whether or not they will be able to have a child later if they choose to make work a priority before having children.
  6. so they want to get a good 20 years out of ya before you go off and have kids. thats what it sounds like to me. trying to seduce you into getting kids at a later age for their own gain.
    who wants to have kids when they are 40 anyway? then you'd be 60 before your kids are out of the house.
  7. I mean we aren't the ones to say " who will want kids at that age blah" the practice is becoming extremely popular. Women want to work and go to school. But still want the same chances at having children at a later age. Even if it's 30-40. It's understandable that they would want to build their career.
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    Reeno do you even grow? Or just post the most absurd threads? Chill girl enjoy the fun things some times. lol
  9. i guess. whether they have kids in their 20's or 40's its still going to effect their career though. its not like normal people retire in their 40's so you would still have your career somewhat sidetracked.
    i guess the only positive i really see from doing it is that you would hopefully be in a better financial position to have a child at 40 rather than 25.
  10. What does growing weed have to do with participating in a counter culture website? :confused:
  11. You plan to have children at 28? That sounds too spesific. Do you have a lifeplan? 
  12. bribery is what i want in the Corporate workplace
     yeah yeah that's the ticket....
     uhmmm fucking retarded idea y'all
  13. Yea finish getting my DMSO degree, go back for my bachelors in the cardiactric region and get a good job in my field. I love kids enough to pursue a job that will have them living comfy when I choose to have them.
  14. I assume you dont grow, young padawan...

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    Being a grower or ever growing doesn't have shit to do with this topic.

    As much as we appreciate every growers efforts, this entire site isn't dedicated to growing.

    Thinking otherwise is silly as fuck.
    When I want to learn something about my stanky babies or a problem I have, im definitely not looking in pandoras goddamn box.

    Get over it.
  16. its great that you have a plan but i agree with the stud. its a little too specific and shit. life is unpredictable and i find that having such specific expectations only sets you up for disappointment. have a goal and go for it but dont expect everything to fall into place exactly how you see it.
  17. 28 is very specific, but I'm not completely set on it. As long as I have my degree and a job then I'm good to have kids. I'm not having any before then. No mistakes will be made trust me. Lol.
  18. i just dont want you to be 29 without a kid and freaking out about it lol :love:
  19. Great, now you just need a BS degree in computer science or IT.  :smoke:
    Also it is not that it is male dominated field. Most people do not want to do the math, it is that simple. But the stigma attached with being a "computer nerd" keeps women away because they do not want to be stigmatized by what they study. However, I feel it is also that women tend to have no interest in the average engineer who might be bright but are lacking in their ability to communicate, and therefore lacking confidence. There are no gender or race requirements, the only requirements are you have to want to figure it out, you have to go to class, you have to study, and you have to do all assignments and tests, and go to lab. 
    its ok there will be plenty of dudes willing to impregnate her without having to worry about taking care of it because she is financially set

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