apperently taking your shoe off is considered a strip search?

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  1. can I get some information on this subject please?

    thatd be pretty nice, cause I have a couple pairs of shoes that would stash some stuff in a pinch, lol.
  2. Honestly man, I'm not sure, I tried to Google it but I couldn't find anything
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    During a "stop and talk" on the street, police are allowed to pat you down for "weapons". If they ask what the bulge in your pocket is, tell them its private, or make up something believable (like a bag of candy). You do not have to empty your pockets, or consent to a search. They are not allowed to undress you or rifle through your pockets without reasonable cause. A "bag of candy" does not feel like a gun or weapon. If you pull it out of your pocket, its then in plain view, and all bets are off. Try to answer questions with questions.
    Cop: Whats this in your pocket?
    You: Are you detaining me?
    Cop: Yes, now whats in your pocket?
    You: Ive done nothing wrong, am I free to leave now?
    Cop: No - Whats in your pocket?
    You: Candy, am I free to leave now? Ive done nothing wrong.
    Cop: Empty your pockets on the hood.
    You: I do not consent to any searches, and hereby invoke my 4 ammendment right against unreasonable searches. Am I free to go now?

    As far as your shoes, That would be considered "undress", and cannot be done during a "stop and talk". Even after you're officially being detained, you do not have to consent to any searches. If you are arrested, your rights, and clothes are stripped.

    Keep in mind this is all in a perfect world and dealing with decent cops.
    A pig will just pound your face off the pavement for being a smartass, and make up a buch of shit to make it look like you "fell"
  4. after living with 2 attorneys i learned how easy that one was real quick haha. however, the cops that rolled up on my buddy seemed to not give a shit about that rule. probably why they let him off with nothing haha.
  5. alright, I kinda realized I was thinking pretty naively there.

    But I COULD pull the, officer, you want me to STRIP off my clothing so you can SEARCH it? card and try to get out of it.

    lol. fuck flipflops.

    thanks guys. :]

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