Apparently Osama bin Laden was growing some Afgan Kush at his compound..

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  1. Afgan kush, om nom nom, pass that shit you crazy mo fucker bin laden!
  2. That would also explain the video footage of him hiking in those hills...I mean who does that...oh wait..
  3. i saw the plants on cnn they were right against his twelve foot tall fence on the outside... doubt he smoked evil men dont smoke weed but his neighborhood was faded and bitching about the asshole with the big wall.

  4. I think you're the one who lives in a cave man, Osama was living in a fat ass mansion with a huge ass wall surrounding it living the good life with bulk amounts of food. I think if the situation was any different and he was living in a cave he probably would have died a while ago with all his medical problems.
  5. That's something he had in common with Bush!

    Well that, and how they are both terrorists
  6. lol stoner terrorist. just chill blaze up and make videos, no need to get out there and fight when u can blaze and make videos.
  7. Im guessing this is probably why theyve chilled out in recent years. Im not aware of a massive attack having happened in a while
  8. Osama Bin Smokin'
  9. thread has given me the best signature ever.
  10. If Bin Laden would of shaved his beard and taken off his religious hat....he could been pretty G.... .he coulda pulled some ass big time in america
  11. obama was lookin for a new contact and accidentally stumbled on osamas grow op.

    he killed him then took all his weed.
  12. Osama was smoking premium....
  13. osama smokes a big giant....
  14. Not too long ago, a gas station attendant told me by buying dutches i am funding terrorism..
    gimme a fuckin break
  15. Do people not understand that these organisms are native to this region? Doesn't the name "Hindu Kush Mountains" give any insight to the fact that cannabis indica, sometimes referred to as "kush", is native there?

    Come on stoners. Of all people I would expect you to have a little knowledge about this. The fact that these plants grow there does not mean that they are being purposely cultivated.
  16. What the fuck are you talking about? All these replies are people joking around. Besides, if you had looked at the article you would have seen the plowed fields of MJ looking like a corn field. That shit ain't occurring naturally. Why don't you smoke some "organism" and chill.
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    Good shout buddy. As i remember ma stoner history lesson, the cannabis species(exept ruddy) is thought to have origainaly come from the himalayas so not far from then. Diffrent rules and customs also aply, it may be illegal in pakistan but it is highly tolorated as it have been used in customs and thier culture for centuries

    And it might be worth a note that with global terrorisam not at their front door but, in the living room fucking up the furniture and the genral increased tention in the middle east(not that it was wonderland before) you could probably understand that pakistan might have a diffrent set of priorities..... I.E who gives a shit about weed, stop those nutters from blowin up a school.... as i said totaly understandable
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    Chill, chill, chill. My mistake. :)

    The only mature plants I saw were against the walls of the compound so I thought they were just growing there unattended. I don't know how you can tell those small sprouts are cannabis plants, because I sure can't.

    Since the article said, "small plots of marijuana [were] growing in the deserted lots", I thought they were wild. But then they go on to say that they were planted there, despite it being deserted? Hmm?

    I don't know. Just chill out.
  19. are you guys sure this wasn't just another marijuana raid where they break in and shoot the person in the face? and osama just happened to be living there?

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