apparently new luke wilson piece

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    so i think this is a recently released, improved version of the 10 arm/5 mini armed downstem beaker by luke wilson, i cant find anything else on it though, any opinions?

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  2. What more do you need? That thing is a damn beast - 25 reinforced trees blasting away through a disk duffused slide... no opinions necessary, this is definitly a monster.

  3. ^ this.

    perfection 2.0?
  4. Where is it?
  5. The link was removed. It is the new LW mini beaker with 10 arm removable downstem to 15 arm perc - can be found at ALT.
  6. yeah it ws an aqualabtech link
  7. i would soooo drop 450 in a heartbeat for a one of those!! it looks SOOOOO delicious!!! and i am in need of a bong with those exact dimensions! i would love to have that as my first high end glass piece! I hope they keep these coming back in stock for a while so i can save up for one :D
  8. strangely enough, theyve been out of stock for this particular piece ever since it was put up on the site

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