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Apparently Im smoking-impaired...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CatGrant2014, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. I've been using cannabis edibles for over a year to help with my arthritis, depression and insomnia. It works a hell of a lot better than any regular prescription drug I've ever used, but the edibles I've been using (Cheeba Chews, DayDreamers) take a loooong time to kick in.
    So I've been looking into smoking options. I'm hopeless at rolling joints and blunts, so that's out. Somebody recommended a vape pen, but all those YouTube videos make it pretty clear that vape pens don't work with dry herb. (I don't like wax or concentrates - they leave a heavy feeling in my lungs.)
    I bought a glass pipe, but I'm having a hard time inhaling properly. Most of the time the smoke burns my throat, and I end up coughing up of it. I've managed a couple of good inhales, but even then, I didn't get much benefit from the weed (it was OG Kush, btw).
    I don't know why I can't learn to inhale properly. Should I try something else? I've never used a bong, but I'm willing to give it a try if it'll help with cooling the smoke so I can inhale it and actually get high.

  2. Bong is best. Make sure it gets all the way down to the bottom of your lungs.
    Inhale slowly at first, then really fast and pull the cone and clear the bong.
  3. have you tried any of the disposable oil pens?  o.pen vape or the dank tank?
  4. Why not just buy tinctures? they kick in almost instantly.. there are plenty of vapeable thc/cbd tinctures out there on the market. not harsh on the lungs at all.
  5. You could try out a vaporizer like a Silver Surfer or the mflb and there are others out there to try. Good luck.
  6. A nice dab is the best medicine, kicks in in seconds not to mention it's healthier since your vaping as apposed to smoking, as long as your hash is clean anyways.

    All weed smoke us going to be harsh if you don't smoke. Bongs will help but only a lil but. If you want to stick with weed you should get a heady little bubbler and use that.

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  7. Cannabis paste (carboxylated) . put in mouth, under tounge  or between cheeck and gum like snuff....gets ya there fast.
  8. There are plenty of options to try in vaporizers for dry herb. Vape pens are not your inky option. Vaporizers are easy on the throat and better economucally than smoking.
    If you want to smoke buy a bong. Big rios will still be harsh but it's your best option for dry herb smoking.
  9. Buy a bong,and fill it with ice cold water. I usualy keep a bottle of water in my fridge,just for my bong.
  10. Ask your local dispensaries for smoking lessons, it's fairly cheap.

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