Apparently......i Have Come To The Final Conclusion....that

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by XxJWxX, Jul 17, 2003.

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  1. THAT I have dranken drunken too much beer in too little time. Hows 10 heinekens and 2 carlsbergs in less than annn hour uh?

    Ya know, I just dont know if I can make it upstairs tonight. I mean all I have to do is climb one set of staiirs ya knnow, but its just so daaayum high. Oh fuck!


    OH MY FUCKING SHIT I GOTTA TAKE A SHOWER TOO! Ya know how hard that is when your drunk, very drunk. Im at the point where I think im gonna vomit, I want to vomit, but my pride wont let me.

    So, im thinkin maybe i\'ve been on a drinking binge lately, im thinkin that cant be good for my liver, im only 18, maybe take a few days off. And after I tell myself, \"Oh my fucking god i\'m too drunk i\'m never gonna drink again\", the next
    night Im wanting a beer. And after the beer you want the voka, tequila, rum, whisky or whatever it is that floats your boat. So uhhhhh, here\'s to alcohol.

    Ya know, im happy and cheerful when I drink, so thats a good thanggg, and I do sleep a whole lot easier and better, and the hangovers I get arent too bad, im used to em, so yeaaaa

    Heres to ciggarettes, weed, alcohol, and the greatest creatures on this earth........................... women

    Sooo I might as well dedicate this drunkness to someone, i\'ll dedicate 80% to Barry White who passed away recently, and i\'ll dedicate 19% to Sensimil who I know is probably passed out from drinkin hard tonight. And i\'ll dedicate 1 percent to me, because thats just the way it is.

    Forgot to mention, god bless alcohol and the mysterious things it does to us all
  2. lol.. dude, you have a problem.. you need to take a good step man.. moderation..!
  3. just wait until your wearing the empty 18 pack on your head....pounding a bttle of soco cause you only have half a beer left.....and its onlly like 1 am......
    that was the story last night until the chick......who i thanked so much for doing it....dropped of another 12 even though she didn\'t have to....

    soooo here\'s to mind numbing alcoholic rages on the beCH....

    live life, have fun, get bent.

  4. ..and to us fools that have no meaning, I tip my glass to you!

  5. i\'ll tip my glass to you to....... but mines filled with water, as i swallow two advil.... :)
  6. i\'ll tip my glass to the two of you. cause its filled with vodka, as I swallow 2 valium

  7. cheers buddy! have a good one! :Dactually I would love to be doing that right now...just veg onthe couch and zone out for the rest of the day, but I have a softball game tonight (liquor league woo!) so its drunk and rowdy for me tonight...more like alcoball game
  8. we do that with wiffel ball... you have to have a beer in your hand the whole game...and when ever you reach base you have to take a swigg of what evers avalible, usually capt\'...

    the furthest we\'ve ever gotten in a game is 7th iniing....
  9. 12 beers in an hour, that is five minute per bottle... if you drink that much i think you should cut back. i\'m a huge beer lover, but 12 beers is what i drink in a night *when i plan to get drunk* well, good and buzzed at least. to drink that much in an hour would have me throwing up and having no fun at all. that kind of tolerance to toxic alcohol is a sign of addiction and the body\'s adaptation to sustaining toxicants in the system without the normal healthy reaction [hurling]. quit before it gets any worse. at the very least cut back to a beer [pint size naturally] an hour.

  10. lol I appreciate your concern for my well being, but what u just said went in one ear and out through the other. I\'ll drink till my liver cant take it and then some

    And no i\'m not addicted, I just love alcohol
  11. lts really critter 2 here ,but stml,scroll down :D..drunken to much beer .go ome [​IMG]
  12. drinking is like anything else, you build a tolerance.....some people can go for hours on end... usually off beer i get to full before i get totally blitzed....i\'ll stop somewhere after around 14 beers ( pretty wasted) but moreso full from the amount of liquid and carbonation... thats why i\'ll always have a bottle of something just to ease me through a lil an help me get to where i want to go a lil quicker.....
  13. damn u alkoholik... u sound like my dad!?!?

  14. im a big boyy....6\'2 - usually takes alot to effect me.... im not an alcoholic .... i cut the drinking down, to once or twice a week.... in the winter it\'ll be once every week or so... itsa summer your supposed to be gettin wasted anyway.....:D
  15. hell yeah, i\'ll drink to that. summer! cheers :)
  16. Nah sorry im takin my bong to my grave, along with my silver necklace and my budda statue.

    But then again, I\'ll never die.

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