Apparently cow's can attack people.

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  1. I was chillin with my friend last night who I hadn't seen in a while. We didn't have a ride to my friends so we started walking from my house. Right away he whips out a chillum and we end up ripping about 3 bowls before we get to this farm on the way. We sit at a bench near it and I roll up a blunt, we spark the blunt and half way through we see a pen with a bunch of cows in it. He decides to sprint over and climb up the fence while saying "Yo, come and take a picture of me petting it". At the moment I was very baked so accepted. We both jump the fence and when he gets near the cow it charges at him! When the cow runs at him he starts to run and when he does I follow suit. Right as I take my first step I slipped on a fuckin pile of cow shit and landed directly in it. My whole fuckin hoodie was covered in it. The cow luckily stopped and didn't trample me. After that, I hopped the fence and I noticed two people walk out of their house and walk right past us without saying anything or even noticing us (which was weird as fuck cause I made a loud ass noise while falling, it was 1 am and we were trespassing on their shit). Anyways, we left and kept smoking the blunt heading to my friends house. I smelled like shit the rest of the fucking night. The end.
  2. so you wore a shit covered hoodie all night?
  3. Haha I took the hoodie off. It was still fucked though, trust me.
  4. hahahaha damn man thats shitty idk why but your sig makes me laugh lol
  5. Probably because you're blazed like Mac Miller is and you understand what it's like to enjoy life.
  6. thats some epic shit right there lol, cows are so chill they wont hurt you they just pretend like they're about to, but they always end up stopping or running away.

    +rep for the story that was hilarious shit lol.
  7. haha yeah it was
  8. Thanks playas
  9. You sure it was a cow pen and not a bull pen? lol
  10. Yea dude I wasn't stoned enough to mistake a cow for a bull
  11. Pun intended? :)
  12. Completely, I am a very very sly man
  13. eff, I was gunna say that! :mad:

    I have a family friend and they live in Wyoming so they obviously ranch (little stereotypical I know) and they have cows, they're skittish as hell. It took us 3 days to finally get them to let us walk near them.
  14. Now you can tell people that you have a story that's not bullshit.
  15. lol...You scared the poor cow. :p

    I love cows. I think they are so pretty. When the babies get their steady legs, and start playing with each other, it's adorable. There's a pasture full of them across the road from my house. I could watch them for hours when I'm baked. My kids think it's funny when I moo at them because I can actually sound like a cow. :D

    Now tell me, y'all, who couldn't love this beautiful, little thing? It's just too precious!
  16. @OP


    Say what?
  17. Yeah... they're nice animals...

    This baby cow is adorable.

    Do you have picture of adult cows? I want to see what they look like...

    I got a lot of cows around here too... but they're more like buffaloes though.




    Here's a cattle...


  18. [ame=]YouTube - huh, what?[/ame]

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