Apoximis vs hermies?

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  1. I been reading posts here that due to stress plants will produce seeds but they will be hermies. I also have read this...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apomixis So don't know if it is stress is what triggers apoxmis or it is because since they weren't pollinated its the plants way to continue the species by making assexual produced seeds??
    I'd assume if the seeds I got thru apoxmis they would be female but not idea how many average number of seeds are produced thru apoximis. I saw no indication of pollen sacs on my 12 5 foot plants and I got 2 lb of buds , 1.5 lb of trimmings and pop corn buds , that i'll use for canna butter and got about 75 seeds so is that a high amount for the quantity?
  2. got some pics of your 12x 5 ft plants?
    75 viable seeds from a paddock of 12 plants is nothing, so where did the seeds come from?

    good luck
  3. I assume asexually thru apoxmis.. but don't know. will plant 12 next year to see what happens, limit is 6 but in case I half to pull half ,I'll be covered.my question does apoxmis occur in cannabis , if so is that being mistaken for hermies caused by stress
  4. .....question does apoxmis occur in cannabis = No! I suggest in your case the plants were pollinated by 'wild' pollen

  5. do you know that as a fact? any reference would be appreciated..thx
  6. Marijuana Botany by Robert Clarke its old but a treasure
    a thin book with pics and easy read

    good luck
  7. thxs..I'll take a look
    forgot to answer ..took no pictures..weren't impressive
  8. just download a copy and was looking about apoxmis but coyld find anythig in my search. I did read some of it and agree its pack full of infor. Did not know before the start of flowering, the phyllotaxy (leaf arrangement) reverses and the number of leaflets per leaf decreases until a small single leaflet appears below each pair of calyxes. The phyllotaxy also changes from decussate (opposite) to alternate (staggered) ...... or . Stems of high carbohydrate content root most easily. if you have page I could look number let me knw...thx
  9. A rose is a rose. Isn't apoximis and hermie the same thing? Asexual reproduction. Seeds will be female and they may have a tendency to hermie easier than standard seeds but I wouldn't know personally, that's their business. I don't consider 75 seeds per kilo excessive so I'd guess your girls couldn't wait until some hunky looking pollen came floating along and took care of business themselves.
  10. I thought a hermie had both m/f sex organs and that was why they got sexually produced seedshttps://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpls.2020.00718/full and apoxmis is when my girls couldn't wait for some hunky male pollen...but I obviously don't know which is why I'm posting...thx
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    You may be right. What does this sentence mean, it's from your source....
    Uniquely, hermaphroditic inflorescences produced seeds which gave rise only to genetically female plants
    This gives me a headache

    But to produce a male seed, the gene must come from a male plant, eh? Female plants can produce pollen but I don't think the pollen carries any male sex gene, where would it come from?
  12. thats true male genes from male pollen but I think the gene is in female plants otherwise the use of silver spray to produce female stamens and pollen couldn't occur so maybe they are recessive and the silver spray used to make female seeds helps express stamens and only show naturally in a male since 2 recessive genes are expressed when both m/f carry them.just tossing that out since don't know ...that probably gave you more of a headache...lol
  13. I still don't think a female plant can produce a male offspring, it just don't have the correct genes to pass on. Maybe when I feel better I can think more clearly. I used to be smarter.
  14. most plants have both male/female flowers , maybe when some evolved to having separate sexes some genes carried over to both sexes

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