Apix vs Cheech, performance only!

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    Hello I am new here and I know that Cheech is quite a hotly debated company but I want to put all that aside for right now. I know they are a shitty rip-off business, have a bad CEO, shitty glass, etc, but I am here to talk about one thing: PERFORMANCE.

    That is all that is important in this thread. What I am wondering is to anyone who has tried both a Cheech and an Apix bong or anyone's opinion on one or the other for whomever has tried one of the two but cannot compare them.

    If you can compare them then can you tell me which is a smoother rip? I am completely torn between getting the Apix 16.5″ Gridded Stemline to Gridded Disk 18mm joint ($220+S&H), or the blue Cheech Triple Honeycomb 7mm ($190+S&H). They will both be about the same price when all is said and done since the Cheech needs to be shipped internationally.

    I am just wondering which will be the smoother of the two. If there is something else on the market that is better and costs about the same as either of these then please let me know and I might consider that, too. :)

    I know that the Cheech is shitty glass and I would love to support a great local artist but I am in college and right now I can barely support myself. I have saved for quite a while and finally decided to get a nice bong, but I don't have a crazy amount to spend so I am a bit limited with my options. Therefore, I am looking for the best rip-per-dollar if you will. Perhaps when I graduate I'll make it up and buy $1K worth of fancy American glass. ;)

    I am also not worried about breaking anything as I am a very careful person and I have never dropped/tipped over/kicked/etc. a piece ever and I have been smoking for about 3 years now. So I am not worried too much about the cheaper glass breaking on me if I get the Cheech.

    If you need me to elaborate on anything in this post just say so and I'll try my best. I love to type so feel free to ask for more detail on what I am asking if you wish. :)

    Thanks for any answers! Discussion about why one performs better or worse than another is welcome of course. :)
  2. I don't have much to contribute...

    I tried an apix bong recently and it was the smoothest I've ever hit. No idea about cheech glass, but the apix was realllly nice.
  3. I bet every single person who see's this thread will tell you apix no doubt and so will I. I'm from canada so ive hit a lot of these ripoff brand bongs. I've hit the triple honeycomb, It hits decent, but wasn't a fan, IMO not enough drag, In this bong the smoke goes into your lungs right away and your throat is already being irratated already. It's not good for big bowls or if you want something really smooth
  4. Apix bro. Do it or regret it later
  5. Perhaps I should change the title to Apix vs PH(x) to avoid bias. ;)

    I read that the honeycombs in both the PH(x) and Cheech are the same and that is why I am really considering the Cheech. Despite the lower quality glass, the filter bits are the same on the Cheech as the ones on a $1100 PH(x).

    You can understand where I am coming from with a limited budget surely?
  6. The phx is 450 not 1100 wtf. Apix is better in every single way dude.
  7. ApixDesign all the way, forget about those lame honeycomb discs from cheech or phx. They're so over rated, kill flavor for me and phx is just draggy with those dumb splash guards/done percs.

    I own 3 apix tubes and they're all incredible.

  8. I meant the triple HD that they sell. Not the single one. I found it on sale for 900 but either way that is a steep-as-fuck price.

  9. So you have tried a PHX to compare it to a Apix?

    Which Apix have you tried? I am thinking about getting the more expensive of the two models that he offers. Are there others that are not on the site?
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    I've tried out phx single honeycomb an dual honeycomb to some and I absolutely hated the pull on the dual honeycomb/dome. Not to mention the phx are pretty thin, at least the ones I hit. Felt cheap and certainly not worth the price.

    If you can't wait for another batch of tubes I would get the stemline/disc from his site but I suspect there are more coming soon.

    Edit: I've tried his stemlines, stemline mini, stemline/froth(super cut dome) and puckline. Just purchased a kingstem/disc and it's been nothing but a pleasure to hit.
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    Which one was your favorite and why? I don't know what any of those terms you used means so I will have to research them individually. I would still like to know which one you liked the most though. I am all about smoothness. Not much of a flavor guy. Just here for the effects of smoking. ;)

    I might become a flavor guy sometime down the line once I buy some hempwick but until then I am looking for the smoothest damn hit you have ever had. If I can hit an entire bowl all at once that would be optimal. :)

    EDIT: Sovereignty also looks very nice. Have you ever tried one of those? Also, just out of curiosity, what is the smoothest hitting piece you have ever used? Even if it is pricey I would like to know as I might get one down the line when I get a higher-paying job. :)
  12. Apix is nice. Unfortunately my local shop says they would never carry them because of their blatant Sovereignty rip offs. Whatever...
  13. I would support Apix for the simple fact that it's a small company and Dan could always use the business. As well as the fact that all of his shit is on point. I've personally never hit one but it's not hard for me to imagine that it's a smooth hit with lots of flavor.

  14. dan only supplies to local shops anyway, from what he has told me he sells them designs that he dosnt post online so theres no competition between him and the headshops he sells to
  15. Apix dood :D
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    Alright I am going to get Apix. :)

    Now I just have to decide which one..... LOL. ;)

    Hopefully he might do something custom if I can save enough. Then I could have something really unique and scientific. I also really like how he has no logo/label. Looks badass as fuck. :D

    EDIT: This is completely off-topic but in some of these videos I see people lighting up with what looks like a soldering iron. What in the world is that? Is it really a soldering iron or is it something specifically made for smoking?
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    Good choice going with apix, never experienced Dan's tubes before but I only hear positive about apix.

    And your probably talking about herb iron, from what I remember they cost around $70-$90? please correct me if im wrong. There are other alternative such as hakko soldering iron that can be purchased for around $20-$30 if Herb Iron is out of your budget.
  18. I love all 3 of my Apix tubes. Near flawless quality, amazing hits, easy to keep clean, and have been roughed around a bit without a scratch.

    There's no reason not to go Apix in this situation... his tubes should be atleast twice the price he sells them at.

  19. Thanks for the info! If I could PM you about this I would but I don't think the mods will mind if I go a little more off topic in a thread that I have already gotten my question answered in. :p

    How does an herb iron compare to hempwick? I had a giftcard to Amazon that I have not used and I just bought some hempwick to try out but now that has me intruiged. It an herb iron supposed to be the best way to light? Seems like something you keep at home as well which would probably make it a no-go for me. I am always at a friend's so hempwick would be best I think. What do you think?
  20. a stemline diffuses and stacks a lot more than a honeycomb.

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