Apix Shipping Details?

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  1. I'm asking everyone who has bought glass from the apix website: what shows up on your cc and what does the box look like, if conspicuous at all thanks guys
  2. Apix Design on CC and Dan usually puts his name on the package with fragile glass stickers.
    But why be concerned, you are old enough to have your own place and bank account?
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    Glass is not illegal. Dan puts his name on the box because he is doing nothing illegal.
    As you can see, I'm not a Lawyer, so consult a lawyer who could give you proper legal advice.
    If you have something to hide, as the buyer of glass, then you probably shouldn't buy online.
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    Just because he is old enough to have his own place doesn't mean he does.......
    And don't even start with the "you shouldn't be smoking in your parents place if they don't approve of it" bull shit.
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    Shouldn't have to worry about parent's intercepting mail that was addressed to you if you are over 18.
    Dan needs to start asking for proof of age before shipment if he doesn't already. If he ships out to a kid he could get into some trouble.
  6. i kinda feel your pain, i live ay my moms right now (im well over 18). and while she knows im sitting here right now smokin a bubbler and would come sit down next to me and have a conversation while i did, when my custom mini tube concentrate set comes in the mail i know whats going to happen.   she is going to sign for the big ass box its gonna come in while im at work, its a multi piece set so i know its gonne be kinda big.  then when i get home from work she is gonna ask me whats in the big box, then im gonna show her.  next she will ask me what it cost and be completly obvlious to its beauty, then give me a dirty look when i tell her how much it was and make a smart ass comment about how i shouldnt have wasted that much money on that.
    in her defense she has good reason too tho.  not 2 weeks after i ordered this custom, months ago, 2 tie rods in my car went bad and i had to put the 500 reapirs cost on her card from the repair shop with 6 months no interest.  i could have paid for it myself flat out had i not ordered that custom.  i stil owe her 100 bucks on it so i now im gonna get a dirty look and a snarky comment when it gets here lol.
    but yea, just cause your not gonna get in trouble or w/e, it can still create an issue. lol  even your girlfriend can have an issue like this, iv heard this one at my friends place more then once from his girl, "you owe me your half of the rent still and you spent how much on that glass at the head shop?!".
    as for my apix order, cc shows up at apix design like said above if i remember correctly.  package was a box sent from his address to mine, he packs his glass well from what iv seen though.  my worked joint 18mm slide came in a box nearly a foot square with fragile stickers on it, bigger stuff is going to be packed just as well so expect a big noticable box if you order a full size tube.  but its not like is going to come in a box with a full size picture on the outside of the tube inside or anything, standard brown box for my stuff with fragile stickers and a shipping label, just like amazon boxes without their logo.
  7. I'm not sure what the credit card will say. The box will look like very other card-board box.
  8. Also, why do you care what it says on your credit card? It's your credit card, after-all, right?

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