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  1. So I'm on my first grow and I transplanted from outside to inside and ended up with aphids. Well I've been dealing with the issue and done several different treatments and think I have them beat. My grass company recently told me I have aphids in my rose bushes and basically in all my shrubs outside(go figure right). Anyways my question is am I gonna have to worry about tracking them in on future grows? I have a big bush that hangs over my back door and I'm always walking by it. Am I gonna have to have everything sprayed and get rid of them or is it a long shot I could track them inside from brushing up against that bush and then going into the grow room? I will not be growing outside anymore, it's gonna be inside start to finish from here on out. Tia
  2. I had pretty good luck sterilizing my grow room and using mega wash regularly

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  3. Neem oil corrects aphids with ease

    and organic and systemic

    does molds good too

    good luck
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  4. Lady bugs?
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  5. Neem oil works amazing! I've always hated the smell indoors

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  6. Glad you got them beat. Vostok pretty much nailed it.

    Since you got the answer you wanted, I'm going to sidetrack a bit. I wanted to make a thread about it but I don't think it's enough for it's own thread.

    I got a horrid green aphid infestation on all of the new growth on my Purple Coneflowers in my native Illinois Wildflower garden. I saved the plants with just wiping the aphids off and rinsing, not an option with buds, but they just kept reinforcing their numbers every few days.

    Last week I noticed a soldier beetle (brown leatherwing, I'm 90% sure) just hanging out on the plants and planters and running up and down the stems. He hung out for 4 days feasting on aphids and their eggs until there wasn't a single one left.

    Not one. The beetle left and there still isn't a single aphid on my plants.
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  7. LOL I add it to my curries ..lol

    I wiped out a plague of pubic lice last year ..lol

    and did my cats ears last month, she had mites

    with cotton bud and cold pressed neem oil

    I confess it takes getting used too

    but by far better than the alternative ..lol

    good luck
  8. Damn that's pretty cool actually lol
  9. Add 5 drops of organic lemon grass oil per quart.
  10. Spinosad. Approved for organic food production and very effective.

    This can be bought as either Captain Jacks Deadbug Brew or Monterey Gardens Insect Spray. Be sure to burly the concentrate and not the "ready to use" spray bottle.
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  11. Jerry do you mind if I piggyback off that? I use spinosad during flower however I feed systemically and I don't do any the last 2 weeks of flower. To let the bacterium get a chance die out. It's not harmful but I don't want to smoke it.

    You want to be sparing with this stuff as far as number of applications per calendar year. You can create super mites who are immune to spinosad.

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