Aphids...lil Bastards wont go away.

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  1. Hope some one can give me some answers...i hav a problem with these aphids, every batch i always end up having aphids coming out and crawling everywhere then they start to fly. Where do they come from, i use rockwool so it cant b from soil. i read somewhere that they form from the green alge i sometimes get on the bottom side of the cubes, but i dont kno if thats true. so i bought these covers for the cubes and there back this cycle. I dont like them cuz i get paranoid there gonna go back into the water tank and go through the drip lines and get them clogged. If anyone has a answer that will prevent them from coming back every cycle. Your anwser will be much appricated, thank u.
  2. There are several things you can do to eliminate aphids. Making sure everything is sterile before planting (pots, tools, water containers, etc) will help. You can spray the plants with Neem oil, or one of the Safer brand insecticide sprays. Some homemade potions include 2 tsp of dish soap to a spray bottle of water. Spraying them with this causes the waxy covering on the aphid's body to wash away causing them to dehydrate. Another similar mix is a tbsp of vegetable oil and a couple drops of dish soap to a bottle of water. The oil in the mix causes them to suffocate. Another organic method to use is to release ladybugs into your grow area. Ladybugs are often sold at nurseries, home improvement store, or over the internet. Kill those buggers as soon as you can, because they multiply fast and can destroy your plants in a hurry. Happy hunting!
  3. Thanks bro, alotz of info i didnt kno...i i think thry might have already taken over one...tear....but those bastards r going down...is the mix for the soap and viniger bad for my plants, should i try not to spray them directly.....i bought i bomb the other day and bombed..it mosrly killed them all, except for some surivers here and there..they r really annoying, especally cuz they come around every single time....and again, thanks buddy.:wave:

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