aphids in flower

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  1. what could i do to treat aphids during flowering??
  2. lady bugs.
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  3. indoors i forgot to mention
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    I second the lady bugs…:thumbsup:
  5. You can try ladybugs or lacewings to keep their numbers in check, but eventually you might find ladybug larvae pupating on your main colas like I did... :sick:
  6. Those larvae are the real hunter / killers!:thumbsup:
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  7. im not to fond of havin lady bugs in the house
  8. so far everything i tried foesnt work
    insectidal soap, insecticide both branded products for this purpose but they keep coming even after repeated aplication
    i even tried this recipe i found on yourube bought the pepermint and tree oil castill soap for the recipie it hasn't kill them 100/100
  9. i know ladybugs would work great i just dont want to have a swarm in my house
  10. You don’t want to spray those soaps on flowering plants past week 3 or so. You risk burning your pistils.
    I also found that you really need to high dose that soap to be effective. I saw recipes online that recommended everything from 1tsp to 5 tablespoons per gallon of water. For me, one tsp didn’t do a damn thing. 5 tbsp was a bit excessive and plants showed signs of phytotoxicity. I’ve settled in 3 tbsp per gallon and it seems to knock them back. But it takes a few applications to get them under control. I do three or four applications, doing one every other day. You can rinse off the plants with water in between applications if you like, the residue comes off easily.
    But again, I wouldn’t do this on plants in mid to late flower.
    I fucking hate aphids. Worst pest of all of them IMO:thumbsdown:
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  11. Athena IPM and Lost Coast Plant Therapy can be sprayed in late flower. If you drench heavily though, it can make the buds consistency a bit odd, so go as light as you think you can get away with while still killing the bugs.
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