Aphid or a Thrip

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  1. Is this an aphid or a thrip and what’s the best way to treat without ruining the flavor and smell of my buds

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  2. Doesn't look like an aphid. Neem and castille soap can help with thrips and aphids.

    Ladybugs devour aphids, but I don't think that's an aphid
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    Looks like a thrip to me. Your plant is flowering? You can place a bunch of yellow or blue sticky traps around the plant even hanging on branches. Those colors attract them.
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  4. Yes, it is in the 4th week of flower. Thank you for the feedback
  5. Thank You for the feedback!
  6. You can use pyrethrin foggers. It's made from chrysanthemum flowers and will dissipate pretty quickly after spraying. Repeat 2 more time 3 days apart to get the next hatchings of the little fuckers. These things stay on the leaves, so sticky traps won't get them.
  7. Thank you for responding

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