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Discussion in 'General' started by IwasA.Smurf, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. you go from extreme anger to polar opposite of extreme grief.

    and your body compromises by going into "apathy mode" you're voluntarily choosing not to feel for fear what it will do to your brain
  2. So, apathy is voluntary?
  3. I dont know what to feel. seems like the next best solution. choosing to feel nothing at all :confused_2:

  4. I don't think you can choose what you feel. Feelings are kind of like reactions.

    Don't people cut themselves so that they can feel something? The pain is a feeling and that feeling makes them feel alive. I'm not a cutter, so I really don't know. My point is that feelings whether they are pleasant are unpleasant are what makes our lives what they are. People try to drown out those feelings with drugs and alcohol or they try to bring them back with self mutilation or something like sky-diving. I don't think apathy is a choice, just like I don't think feeling sad or happy about something is a choice. Something happens and you react to it emotionally or you don't react at all (apathy). Either way, your reaction is involuntary.

    Edit: Happy 4,200th post BTW :smoke:
  5. I see what you're saying.

    I recognize these feeling,

    the precursors to these feelings
    If im getting angry my heart beats faster, my hands get sweaty
    vise-vesa with sadness. Helplessness, crying etc...

    You feel the imminent feeling, "the precursors" Tell your mind to not give a fuck

    kind of like pavlov's dog, I hear that bell...
  6. Idk man. I think it's deeper than drooling when you smell food, ya? Maybe can train yourself to be apathetic, but I don't know if it would be smart to do so. Deal with the feelings, don't block them out.
  7. it seems like deep down we're all the same

    "animalistic" instincts and classical conditioning
  8. I think I become apathetic. If I get mad or upset there comes a point where I just feel blank and lack any actual feeling or thought. Just the energy in My body.

    -co sign if you thought this was a thread about the rapper at first.
  9. [ame=]YouTube - August Burns Red - Ocean of Apathy[/ame]

    good theme song for this thread :D
  10. i dont think men feel this emotion....

    testoserone gets in the way<------------:cool:
  11. happens to me every time :laughing:
  12. let's all get together and not give a collective fuck
  13. I feel like this all the time, could be the fact that im almost permanently stoned though lol.
  14. If you say you don't care , does it mean you're caring not to care?

    i guess thats what jimi was trying to say lol
  15. Sometimes, I catch myself caring about something that doesn't affect me. Then, I realize that I don't care and stop caring.
  16. And I thought this was gonna be about my *****:laughing:

  17. I dunno. Maybe
  18. Apathy is great because sometimes emotions are too intense to handle.

  19. Exactly what I was getting at :)

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