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Discussion in 'General' started by coraygc, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. Maybe this is just a high rant.
    Why are so many people so apathetic about what they believe in.  Take a motherfucking stance, and fight for what the you believe in.  MLK didn't sit back and watch, he moved.  Mandela fought for justice, and didn't just preach about it.  If more people took time to even realize what was important to them. idk 

  2. Apathy. Meh.
  3. What's the point?

    That's the way I feel. The people in power don't give a shit what you or I want and trying to fight for it only causes more problems for myself then its worth. That's a horrible attitude but there you have it
  4. Meh, whatever.
  5. Most of us don't want a bullet to the dome. 
  6. I did. And im not the most liked person on this foruyms or thr internet. Be a fake=win life
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    If apathy were easy to overcome it might have been dispensed with a long time ago by any number of bold historical figures that have come before us. The figures you cited are extraordinary individuals, it isn't as if what they did is easily accomplished, they had some extra something that many of us don't have.  Most people are followers so when someone has the guts to stand up, we'll line right up behind them for the most part.  And I think the reason we do this is simple, it's easier than individual action.  It's hard to stand alone and even harder to convince someone else of your cause from that standpoint.  Its sad to say but its much easier to go along with the program than rock the boat.
    And to simply say you're frustrated is like shouting at the wind.
  8. because people are lazy and don't want to waste the energy and would rather get high. but i agree with you.
  9. I thought this was going to be about Connecticut rapper Apathy. Man was I wrong
  10. The girl in your profile picture.
    Wouldn't mind grabbing a handful of that hair and going stallion up on her
  11. did you start your podcast yet
    Yeah man, 2 songs in. About to be 3
    lmao that's impressive
  14. I think you will like the sexy love from
  15. alota people dont truly beleave in the shit they fight for
    so they go at it halfass
    most of them doing all the yelling and screaming, are just in it for the money

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