Apathetic Existence-A Poem

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  1. Thought of this one last night after a lucid dream. I wont go into details as it is a personal decision to keep dreams to myself, if not to close close friends.

    I give you, Apathetic Existence.

    EDIT: Allright, no more clicky link:

    Apathy Apathy
    Thats what you are!
    I feel you from near
    And I see you from far.

    A Walk in the streets
    Leads me to see
    That none of this filth
    Holds interest to me

    A stroll through the schools,
    A sadist's great pool
    Why should I care?
    I shall not be fooled.

    A feeling of guilt
    Comes never to me
    They tell me to look
    I know not what to see!

    The earth full of war
    I see on the news
    Hung all the blacks
    And burned all the jews

    I sit on a slab
    So near to a grave
    Bleeding and stabbed
    This is where my friend lays

    Apathy Apathy
    He is gone, see?
    Sadness's field
    Shall never sow me

    I look to the ground
    And what do I see?
    The stirring remnants
    Of a wounded bee

    Feelings of sorrow
    Came without a try
    Collapsed to the ground
    Glorious tears I cry.
  2. i would totally read it if i didnt have to click on a link. and yes... im that freking lazy.
  3. There, fixed.

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