Apartments: Is this real life???

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  1. So I'm looking for an apartment in Maine, trying to move in closer to the city. It is to the point where I am thinking of just packing up and moving back to Indiana. This shit is beyond preposterous.
    1. Talk to guy while checking out apartment. Friendly guy so we talk for about 45 minutes. Money comes up and I explain how I make about 32k a year as a college student because of disability and the GI Bill. He thinks that is amazing because he only makes about 30k a year after expenses on his job (managing apartment buildings).
    2. Get application and fill it out, fax it over to him.
    3. Call him back after 4 days to see whats kicking because he said the turnover should be one day.
    4. Tells me he couldn't process the application because I didn't fill out the employment section... I ask is this real life... he says what, I explain how I told him I didn't have a job but showed him proof of income for 30k a year. He tells me he can't rent to someone that doesn't have a job...when 4 days ago he told me I make more money than he does...

    I've literally gotten the same story all over the frackin place. NM that Maine apartments are a rip off to begin with. Some places say my credit score is too low (687 fyi: zero debt but I refuse to get a credit card). Some places say they can't rent to someone without a job, I show them proof of income. Some places seem to think I'll fail out of college despite transcripts showing 3.79 GPA... and how likely it is for people who make 30k a year to get laid off in this economy (especially the maine economy)? It blows my fuggin mind!!!

    What gives!!!

    end rant
  2. That's bullshit!
  3. Dude....get a house with that 30k a year. The housing market is complete shit you can buy/rent cheap.
  4. Not in Maine. We aren't inflated like some places (British Columbia, New York etc) but houses are quite expensive. In addition property taxes in Maine are pretty preposterous. IF, and that is a far fetched IF, you could find a house for 100k you'd be looking at the complete backwoods and the taxes would probably be 2k-3k a year.

    Most importantly I'm not looking to buy because of my situation. I'm still a college student. I have some leeway in finding a job because of my disability. I'd like to stay renting until I find a job I would really love... or the off chance that I write a book that sells seeing as how I fancy myself to be a hopeful fantasy/sci-fi author. Lastly, while Maine is 'nice' it definately has some problems if I decided to settle down here and have a family (largest prescription drug problem in US, half the people I meet have DUIs), tax rates are very preposterous, the economy is being driven into the dirt (who would chose to do business in Maine with Vermont and NH next door?).
  5. You could look into renting a house. Most of the time they don't the stupid policies that apartment complexes do.

    I fucking hate apartments, it's worse then living in the fucking projects. They bleed you dry.
  6. Its really hard to rent, you have to prove your income if you don't have a job. Not just say you get it! You need papers and a decent landlord.
  7. What do you mean by "is this real life?" Sounds like me on hallucinigeons lol
  8. ... I go with paper work in hand from the VA stating that I both get xxxx dollars per month disability for xxxx reasons (mainly back and leg, fyi) and have xx months left of the GI Bill and get xxxx per month enrolled in college. I go with my latest transcript to prove my good academic standing.
  9. haha, I use it frequently when people leave me completely flabbergasted and otherwise speachless.
  10. 687 is pretty decent but not great, mine is 693 and I'm $28K in debt lol. So I'm not sure what's going on with cards are pretty smart, just get one at whatever bank or credit union you belong to and set it up so it automatically withdraws from your checking account each month, use it for like pizza or fast food couple times a month and that'll be enough to build your score.

    But yea seems retarded they won't let you sign a lease, its all bureaucracy nowadays, no one shows any compassion its all to the letter of the law, doesn't matter if there's a special case like yours. Sorry man...
  11. how can i rent an apt if i grow pots
  12. Well your gonna have to find a cooler landlord to rent from...Around my area(south side chicago metro area) landlords have to be especially careful because people will claim from the gov't then sit in their houses and sell drugs/grow out of them. The landlord can be held accountable for that. So maybe thats what he was thinking....Its easier to buy property than rent it...
  13. I have no idea how any landlord would look at me and think... oh he wants to grow pot. 1: I don't grow pot. 2: I'm a vet of Iraq with a perfect service record and at least one award that is rarely given out
  14. Paying in advance usually works well with a lot of places. ;-)
  15. real life is buying your own small home and trying to make it then..

  16. Fine call your lawyer and say he discriminated against you, he doesn't have to rent out to anybody he doesn't want to.
  17. fortunately laws are in place these days to try and prevent landlords from taking advantage of tenants, the unfortunate side effect is it is virtually illegal and impossible to pay upfront for a year of rent.
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  19. Living is mad cheap in maine. Get a trailer and a little land for like $5,000

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