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  1. I live in an apartment and having an issue with smell. Is thus gonna work?

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  2. Burning pot smell.

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  3. Have your neighbor's mentioned something to you about the smell? What's the problem?
  4. smoke in front of a window with a fan blowing outside. just blow the hits out the window and some spray of some sort will take care of the rest.
    I find the smell of cooking food covers it up pretty well also.
  5. I'm afraid that will not cover up the smell of pot lol, it's always best to go outside if your really worried about it, or maybe try one of those smoke buddies, you can also make your own for cheep and is very similar.
    It could be days later and you still might smell it, it's the magic of marijuana  :smoke:
  6. ozium works wonders. however, if your worried about smell. grab some incense, and light those up during your sesh. spray ozium near the door when your done
  7. The spray I was talking about earlier is called Orange Chronic
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    It's what I use and it works pretty damn good.
    You can google and find many places sell it. Good luck

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  8. Nobody has complained yet. I just smell it so I know others do too. I was in bathroom with fan on but someone told me having fan on is bad. Smell will travel to other peoples apartment. Not sure if this is true.

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  9. I wouldn't worry about it. Unless you live next door to a bored cop in Nowhereville, Kansas.
  10. Get yourself a vaporizer.     Much less smell that doesn't hang around nearly as long as smoke.
  11. Vapir No2 and a sploof works great for me,with the windows closed
  12. Try blowing your smoke in the toilet while flushing

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  13. -Smoker's candle, "Smoke Odor Exterminator" brand is what I use.
    -Burn decent incense, not the Walmart cheap stuff. I light it, wait 5 minutes, and blaze. Leave it burn a while after you're done, 15 minutes or so.
    -Fan blowing out window.
    -Rolled up towel under the door.
    -Cooking pungent food helps.

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