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  1. Well the dreaded moment is here were having a unit inspection coming up and my whole closet it my grow space what do i do is there anything i can tell them to keep them out of my room they can inspect the entire apartment idc i just dont want them in my closet if they go in my room they wont be able to tell its not a closet but i would like to avoid the whole room just to comfort me i dont wamma have to tear down my closet just to fuckin show them my apartment and to boot i have the only attic access in the building so am i fucked? Im not really panicking i have about a week but whqt can i do?
  2. Be glad you got a week notice, I only get a 24hr notice lol Just had mine done about 4 days ago and all went well, but I also stealthly grow under my bed so there wasn't too much to worry about.

    You could try getting a key lock for the door and lock it, and if they ask just say you were out of town and locked it up for security reasons. They may not bother hasseling you about it, or you'll get a note saying they'll be back. If that happens, just move it to another room they've already checked and lock that door.

  3. Could i just throw some tomato plants in there and then put my plants in rubbermaid totes and put em in the car for a few hrs or put them in my bathroom qnd turn the shower on and just say my girlfriends in there taking a shower im just brain storming outloud indoor gardening is not really uncommon up here because of the winter and the summer weather being shitty. Would it raise suspicion to have a big ass set up for five or six tomato plants? What about going and getting a few exotic flowers or something? Lol im babbling now but like i said im just brainstorming.... I been here for two yrs now and they have left me alone the whole time but i knew it was bound to happen i just dont wanna tear my shit down i kinda have a semi permanant set up going
  4. Ehh tomato plants would just raise suspicion I think. All that stuff for tomatos....But if you have them set to be in darkness durning the day I think putting them in rubbermaids in your car is your only option, and just do the exotic flowers and tomatos idea. Just becareful in whatever you do to not stress them to hermie.

    How old are they?
  5. Actually sticking a few orchids in there would be a good idea ... people get into growing exotic plants all the time.
  6. In a closet with a bunch of nutes :D

    If the dark cycle is during the day I would just move the plants to your car.

  7. Having a place to live > some stress to your grow. Move them to your car even if it is day time for your plants.
  8. Well i lucked out my lights r on at daytime so stressing them is no worry there on there first week of flower and i have five short riders vegging in my tent rigt next to my flowering white widows and i have a mother plant in there as well.. I was thinking some blue berries some raspberries some tomatoes some strwberries ya know the whole kit and kaboodle
  9. Wow, that's scary dude, but you are really lucky for the 7dy notice, i keep hearing about these apt. inspections, i've been renting for over a decade and guess i'm damn lucky i've never had an inspection, maybe it's the state i'm in and they don't do it? If you don't mind a question, is this like something you new about when you signed a lease and moved in, like it said they would come and inspect apt, every so often, or was this a surprise thing?

    I've had to cover up my 2 closets a few times thru the yrs....handy men installing windows in all rooms was the worst, but i had no worries about them opening my closets, just had to cover the smell and the lights, but one time landlord was in my apt, for hours, and i had a very smelly strain, so hid it out in the garage, was in mid flowering, did affect yields, but i need a place to live more than losing a few plants.

    Goodluck with the whole deal dude, if you keep the grow inside, i would really make sure no smell, make a roast or use a crockpot and having something good cooking that day, worked for me, and don't worry about losing a few plants in your car or even in attic, whatever......you can always grow more plants ;)
  10. Well i didnt know they were going to i never even singed a lease when i moved in it was kind of a shady place when i moved in but now there cleaning up and there under new management so there doing this inxpection to see if anyone needs work done in there place basically butim not totally worried about it like u said i have a week if worse comes to worse ill take my fans down and set the closet back up the wqy its supposed to be but i checked and im gonna get a shit load of berry bushes and stuff and i should be fine
  11. when my landlord comes to my house i pile all my laundry infront of the closet door and put a dirty sock or used condom right near the door handle.. he doesnt want to go near it.. if its night time for my plants i flip rubbermaids upside down put the plants under the tubs and throw a pile of clothes n towels on top.looks like a big pile of dirty clothes. works like a charm.. when the plants are taller thent he rubbermaid then use something to elevate them like shoe boxes or something

  12. Good idea man
  13. don't risk it. Take everything down and move them. Its a lot of work but its way better being safe than sorry. I had to rent a uhaul truck once to pack up 5 lights and 80 plants. Me and one friend only. I broke him off with an ounce but that really wasn't anything, trustworthy help is hard to find these days.

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