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  1. If there is an apartment inspection, how do you move you plants when they are 6 feet tall in your closet and you drive a sedan? Also, what if you have no one who will allow you to store your plants at their house. What do you do?
  2. Buy a new fridge, put the plant in the box, put it outside and pretend it's trash. When the inspection is done, return plant to original spot, and return the fridge and get your money back!
  3. ^^^^ha ha. i can't think of a more difficult way to hide the plants. It would work though.

    can you jam the closet shut? is there any reason they might look in the closet?

    inspections are usually to ensure the fire alarms are operable... do you know any other reason they might inspect it?
  4. you can also get large homedepot boxes and stack them on top of each other while open, fold the bottoms inward so it looks like they are stacked evenly, and tape it up so the stack won't move then you have a stack of boxes in your closet... or on your balcony... instead of obvious plants... I would also push it to an obscure part of your place and then pile things around it so it looks like a random storage area... this can take a long time but is worth the effort because most people won't look at piles of boxes bags, containers, folded blankets, and stuff, twice...
  5. lol @ buying a new fridge. Why not just buy some huge shipping boxes from some shipping store?
  6. Boxes how are you going to hide the smell. I was thinking a UHaul truck you can even have electricity in there.
  7. Uhaul, Moving Boxes, ONA.

    Uhaul will blend in becuases it an apartment.
    Boxes to get them to the closet to the uhaul.
    ONA for smell.

    If you're really paranoid.

    They're probably just coming to check your fire alarm tho..
  8. Lock the door to the room its in and make sure you get rid of the smell not mask it! If they want access to the specific room after the fact then get it the fuck out of there!
  9. ill hold onto the plants for you ;)
  10. If this helps any agree with the box idea get rid of smell by getting a nice smelling candle perfer cinimon or ginger leave candle on for a good day or least 12 hrs. Most likely though its just a fire alarm inspection there in and out in no time just be there watching them so they dnt get to nosey then there out.
  11. I love how all the people who have no idea about the OP's situation or anything about his landlord are concluding what kind of inspection it is. None of us knows why you're being inspected. I definitely would try to move the plant O-U-T of the apartment. What if you put it in a locked room, closet, or balcony and that turns out to be part of the inspection? Maybe they've had an outbreak of mold and want to see into the back corners of every closet -- you just don't know so you have to play it safe. You can't lock something up and tell the landlord he can't see it without raising huge suspicions.

    A U-Haul probably is your best option, though you still have the stealth issue of being seen moving a large plant back and forth to it.

    This whole thread underscores one of the many reasons why apartment grows are very risky...

  12. I'm going to do a medical grow. Im doing two plants in a tent and two in a pc grow box (veg). It will all fit in my closet. OF course this is all in a few years when i move out. I would never grow in my parents house even if it was legal unless they approved (which they won't)

  13. Seal the container from spillage, like lawn and leaf bags and duct tape, all the way around the pot to the stem of the plant. Cover the plant in plastic, yes, cover the plant in this same plastic, haul it out to your sedan. Lay them side by side on their asses. Retrieve them when the inspection is done. What ever damage is done to them is what you get for growing in someone else's building. Should be just basically fine though.

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