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Apartment/Condo attic grow

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by envoyxl, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. This is my first post here. I have been lurking for years but never had to post because most information I needed was available just by searching.

    I have a condo that is the upstairs unit. I noticed I have an attic with access through the closet. I went up there last night and installed some plywood in the rafter so I could store some Rubbermaid totes that I keep my holiday decorations in. Then I got the idea that it might be a good place to grow in the winter. The temperature was about 65 degrees. The area was separated by plywood sheeting from the other condos so I don't think smell would be an issue.

    Currently I am growing in my bathroom and smell goes through the entire apartment but I am using nothing for odor control. Outside I can smell nothing so I am not worried about it currently. I just don't want to grow in an attic and have the smell get into the neighbors attic and possibly into their closet and bedroom.

    I figured I could do my grow directly above my shower. I have access to the plumbing. I could install a valve so I can fill my hydro reservoir without carrying it up a ladder. Then drill a small hole in the ceiling to drain directly into the shower. I have plenty of access to power up there. I even noticed I have access to the "community power" that runs the porch lights. Since it would be above the bathroom,, I would also be able to tap into the attic fan for ventilation.

    Heat signatures won't be an issue since I am using a 90 watt LED UFO light. It is a bit of a pain getting into the attic because I would need a ladder, but I have done several grows and only need to adjust my pH weekly but by then I am doing a water change anyways. I don't think dust will be an issue since I would put up plastic sheeting to make a tent. Temps in the winter should be fine, but I don't think I will be able to grow up there in the summer since outside temps are well over 100 deg F for about 4 months. I am sure the attic would get close to 150 deg F.

    Am I missing or overlooking any important aspects?

    I did a search but couldn't find any specific apartment attic grows, so if you could point me towards one that would be great.

  2. Odor will be an issue. It goes through plywood. You'd have to run an exhaust fan with a carbon filter which will make noise. Tapping into the community electricity might cause an increase in the community bill which would raise suspicion. I knew a friend of a friend who caused a fire in his apt complex with an attic grow but I don't know what the circumstances were.
  3. Yeah huge risk your taking. I think your neighbors would hear you clamoring in the attic every day. Maybe put some rugs down to keep it from being loud when you walk. Airpumps, waterpumps, and fans are loud as fuck vibration wise. Hang insulation everywhere to dampen sound. Hang everything that vibrates by bungee cords or isolate with rubber mats. Smell will be a huge issue. Any failure of your odor control will be a huge problem. Also the community power will defiantly be a red flag. Also, to prevent fire remember one rule: water below waist, electricity above waist. Also dont do it right above anything like a light fixture or a wall with plug ins. Good idea over shower just make sure it can stand the weight (like not just ceiling tile). Sound and smell will be your obstacles. Also lol.......
  4. Your best bet is to build some type of stealth box. I've done plenty of apartment grows and I did so ensuring that I, nor anyone else in the building was at risk.

    You're currently putting yourself at risk by growing without odor control. I assume you're broke because you haven't already purchased a filter so....go to walmart or a pet store and head to the fish tank section and get some activated carbon and find a DIY filter tutorial on here.

    Then head to Radio Shack and pick up a PC fan. Wire that fan up to a 12v AC adapter, and mount that to your carbon filter.

    Then enclose that grow with some plastic or build a nice stealth box and vent it properly. You said you're using LED so you don't need a lot of airflow, you just need steady flow to keep cleaning that stinky air.

    Anyone that comes into your apartment, guests, landlord, whoever is going to smell it.
  5. I have had my three plants up in the attic for a week now. I had a large sheet of construction plastic that I used to cover the plywood separating my attic from the neighbors. So hopefully that will help the smell from getting over their direction. I can flow fresh air in and out with the use of the fan in the bathroom below if needed, but even after being in the attic for a week, I have zero smell in my apartment. Even when I open the door going into the attic I have no smell in my apartment. When I go up into the attic I can smell it just slightly. The attic has several vents to the outside air, it's not sealed like the rest of the apartment. Temperature up there was only 60 degrees F today. At night I am sure it is dropping a bit lower, but not below freezing. I am using my own electricity since the LED is cheap to run anyways. My electric bill consistently runs $34 to $40 per month with the fridge, LED lights, water pump, and the occasional use of a TV. I am hardly ever there, usually at my girlfriends house, so i don't use much electricity normally anyways. Once i harvest these three plants I think I will grow something bigger. Right now I am growing MDanzig's BluRyder
  6. Rhey will reak when they bloom
  7. They have been blooming. That is why my apartment was so stinky. They don't stink at all in the attic, and can hardly even smell them. The attic is not sealed, it has vents at both ends so air flows through pretty well.

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