Apartment complex put notices at our doors...

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  1. I'm not sure what I'm looking for because I've searched around at other instances but they're the obvious answers like, use Lysol or use the bathroom vent. So I suppose I'm looking for ideas for my specific situation.. Anything is appreciated. Except problems of course.

    Just a quick comment. My wife and I are both very clean people. We vacuum... Dust, don't leave things laying around. She likes burning candles and I always have something cooking on the stove or slow cooker. So there's always something going on.

    Anyways, for months we have been here and EVERY day I've smoked in this apartment, in multiple times of day and in different areas freely around my home (like anyone should be able to, might I add). In some cases, my wife and I have rolled blunts with the shake from our bag. Also at different times of day and in different areas. Now we only have a small pipe and I always have DANK. So it's not like I had a good batch but the night before this notice appeared, we stuffed a black and mild and smoked it in the room. Both windows were open and she was folding fresh laundry.

    We got home the next day and everyone had these notices saying there are complaints of heavy marijuana smoke and its accumulating in other apartments. What?? How is that possible? And why just now? Do you think it was the blunt? All we have is a small pipe otherwise.... Should I be okay with just the pipe?

    I went online and seen vaping was a great option and had lots of other benefits. So the day I got the notice, which was Friday, I ordered some cheap vape pen. Saturday when I got home i said screw waiting... I bought a snoop pen off craigslist which long story short was a waste. It combusted everything. So today (and whats I'm hoping from comments to be great news) I ordered da Buddha vaporizer!

    But in the meantime..... Thoughts?
  2. Also... Anything on the vaporizer would be cool too. I've had terrible experiences with vape pens in the past. I'm hoping this will be different? I guess you can control the temp on it too which is cool. Because I know different cannabinoids are released at different temperatures.
  3. Check out smokebuddies, they are fairly cheap and reduce the smell by 99%

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  4. It might not be you
  5. This.

    Five bucks says everyone in your apartment complex is trippin balls like you......

    I fully expect to see another 90 threads like yours lol

    Oh, ona liquid + water absorbing crystals = ona gel....bye bye smell.

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