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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by orange52, Oct 24, 2002.

  1. What can I actually smoke?, I have removed all the small leaves and seeds. Can I break the rest up and smoke ????

    Do I have to do anymore to this bud ???

    Advise would be greatful I am a first timer.

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  2. Are there any special crumbling tools I can use, grinders or anything like that ???
  3. Do I crumble the lot (apart from the stems) i.e. including the very small leaves I can't remove and the seed pods (after removing the seeds that is)
  4. Did you get those seeds outta there and peel that bud away from the stem? After youve popped out all those seeds, cut that stuff up w a small pair o scissors and double check for seeds. Put that in your pipe and toke it!
  5. By the way, for being a first time smoker, you sure can grow a mean plant. Whats up with that?? By that I mean your post 2 down from here.
  6. yeah i know, i wish i could have started with a plant like that that i grew, it would have made every thing so much better and cheeper, a real sense of pride after the first toke
  7. tell you what.. take all the weed put it in a plastic bag ziploc i prefer. and then take it somewhere and set a fucking brick on for about 2-3 days.. ull have some nice compact weed ready for wholesale. plus i think some of the best weed i have smoked is some dank brink weed.!! im stoned
  8. what is the point in that^^^^^. you have some nice looking buds there, i see no reason to crush them.
  9. hey how did your stoning go, i still can't get over the way you started out.
  10. when i lived in fla we got alot of compressed buds

    i got a 1/4oz once that was 1 in long and 1/4in tall
    and about 1/2in wide before

    weaighed out and broke up lovly

    affter it was broke it expanded

    untill it was quite a nice pile

    but i would not compress my own buds
  11. hehe, i don't like compressed buds too much, it's just not my thing. I prefer the real deal, uncompressed and well formed. Go grower's, go!

  12. rip off a chunk pack a bowl and toke on ;)
  13. i started eating some m+m's and forgot

    what i was gonna rite
  14. you dont need to break it up.. just rip part of that bud off and smoke it up.. try not to blaze too much stem though

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