apap in adderall?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by kishou, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. does anyone know is there is any apap in 20 mg Adderall XR? cause i just snorted 10 lines of it and it feels like i snorted some apap. Also anyone here geeked up? I am! :hello:. studying for my finals.
  2. That was dumb, don't snort addies, just take them orally, or parrachute next time. I should be getting some after my friend gets out of school :] along with some xanax.
  3. Snorting is fun and i wanted the high to hit me fast and all at once. And i can never parachute cause i cant swallow the toilet paper and i get a stomach ache. But yea they're pretty fun if you're trying to get shit done. Except you have to have everything perfect you go OCD.
  4. why would they put tylenol in an ADD medication? theres no tylenol but like every other pill, theres lots of pill binders.
  5. ohhh yea you're prolly right. It's prolly the binders. But this time it feels different snorting it than it does with 30 mg. This is my first time snorting 20 mg's. I only did 30 mg's till today. Why would snorting the 20 mg's hurt more than snorting the 30 mg's?
  6. Snorting adderall is retarded. I'm sorry. Just do me a favor and don't ever do it again.How many addies ere in the 10 lines anyways?
  7. How so? Snorting amphetamines is a perfectly fine method of ingestion. Now if he said he was banging his addys, then maybe you could say it's retarded, but it would still work just fine.
  8. Snorting addies is pretty nice!quick rush, hits harder, doesn't last as long(good thing IMO alot of the time, I like to sleep :D). I just started doing this recently
  9. Snorting anything is stupid, period, but it is definitely an effective way of getting the job done.

  10. I snort addies all the time.. i see no other way to do them.. crush the beads and you're good to go... I personally don't like doing adderal or ritalin anymore.. i like chill drugs... weed, PKs, benzos, shrooms, acid.. shit like that...

    But no... that is a stupid question, why would there be tylenol in a ADHD medicine?
  11. no...

    but if you're wondering anything else check my sig.
  12. snorting ftl

    when i take pills orally i feel them in 5 minutes no placebo shit 5 minutes..bc after I take my ritalin i smoke a cig...and there is a major difference if i did take one or not after the cig is over

    soo snorting is pointless..you get nasty aftertaste...you lose efficiency and duration=not good
  13. for me it takes an 1hr to 2 hrs. Do oyu drink something acidic with it? But snorting is good if you don't wanna stay up for 13 hrs.
  14. nope, all pills hit me fast...if i snort it...it does hit faster...but i don't need to feel it in 2 minutes when i can start feeling it in 5 to 10 at most and have it last a whole lot longer

    guess i'm just lucky:confused:
  15. SNORTIT baby, but hey how do you know what snorting APAP feels like?
  16. ^^^^^^^^ This is why i snort, adderal gives killer insomnia orally but the duration is shorter when you snort
  17. Adderall XR 20mg seemed to always go up my nose without a problem. The blue 10mg IR's were worse. And they had a wierd candy-like trip that annoyed me. I had a habit with my addy prescription.
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