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  1. alright i got a bottle of this shit, this is what is says APAP/CODEINE 300/30 Tab (PURE) I was wondering if these would have the same effect as vicodin, and i would like information on what dosage i should take. and..what does 300/30 mean?
  2. that would be 300mg of acetominaphin per 30mg of codiene...30mg is a pretty large amount of codeine...id ecommend you stat with two or three...just be careful with acetopinaphin(tylenol) in larger doses it begins to cause liver damage...it's similar to vicodin yes...and ive been smoking a lot, so i may not be making sense, so id suggest you wait to get a second opinion just in case im telling you something i shouldn't..but im pretty sure that made sense
  3. I believe lethal doses of aceteminophen are an average of 4,000 mgs and above...just dont exceed 4,000
  4. that might be lethal, but i know it only takes around 1000+ to begin experiencing negative symptons...sympttuuums
  5. Dammit Nubbin now I know you've been here and you still haven't told me about your trip, so you better spit it out before I have to come down there and beat your fucking ass ;)

    Oregon sucks ;)
  6. ehh..i was trying to put it in the back of my mind
  7. Let it out, you'll feel better ;)
    I had a HORRIBLE trip and I still shared with the class.
  8. maybe...if i do, ill let you know..its really no big deal, just kind of a big thing for me
  9. tell me tell me tell me, pleaasseeee

    How about you PM me, you seem kind of upset about it.
  10. its ok..it was just sort of startling to me, ill tell you about it in a while, im gonna write it down eventually anyway just so ill remember it though...
  11. You gotta keep me in suspense don't ya?
  12. lol well dont give your hopes up, the longer i keep it in suspense the bigger the let down....atleast i think
  13. and BTW..im eating packets of wholesome all natural "fruitiOs" fruit snacks...mmmmboy
  14. I love fruitios, but this month is gushers and fruit by the foot.
    We have chocolatey chip teddy grahams too, OH YEAH ;)
  15. i fukin took 4 of those things and it didnt jack shit.....something must b wrong..
  16. have you taken codeine before? I couldn't feel its effects very well until a few trys, I had to grow accustomed to its effects...or maybe you're just hard headed, you can always up the dose....try taking the same amount (4) on an empty stomach with a shot of vodka..(just don overdo the alkyhole..it adds to the liver problems in excess
  17. Codeine is one of the lowest forms of opiates you can get. Basically 4 Tylenol 3s which is what you have is the equilavent to one 10mg Vicoden (hydrocodone). If you have a tolerance then it will take more to accomplish any kind of buzz. Back before I quit pills, I would snort anywhere from 10-15 of them in an hour to an hour and a half just to get a half way decent buzz off of them. Usually if you do a few and then smoke a good bowl, that will help the effects of the codeine.

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