AP Impact : US Drug War has failed

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Thomas437, May 14, 2010.

  1. 40 Years later and nothing achieved...hmm
  2. Was a good read.

    Too bad were just now starting to turn over a new lead. Just think at where we could be right now if it had been legalized back in the 70's? :rolleyes:
  3. well i could have told them that.

  4. That final paragraph is just sad and pathetic....

    Everything she said would be taken care of if drugs were AT LEAST decriminalized. My friends who are studying now, working and being productive young adults get caught just smoking one and his life is RUINED thanks to this so called "War on Drugs" to help the young ones.

    Gahh, I don't understand why older folks patronize the children and young adults by trying to "protect us from this evil". Seriously? Its like when these politicians were young they could handle themselves but now that they're older, they have this failed belief that the future of our nation will crumble if these drugs aren't destroyed.

    I know its mostly lobbyists and what not, but a lot of people have this false sense of mentality that drug wars are some sort of necessity and money must be poured in order to jail people, ruin more lives, kill people etc JUST BECAUSE they want to put something in their body...

    And once again, thank you religion for sowing some of these seeds...
  5. If it doesn't happen in 2010, it is just a matter of time before Gen Y phases into politics and the reefer madness baby boomers phase out, we'll legalize then, if not before hand.
  6. Please comment on the article. Ive been putting people to shame on the subject

  7. its annoying as hell because the comments dont post right away
  8. So does anyone know what is next from here? is the foolish government going to waste again tax payers money on something that is completely pointless?
  9. Of course! Why not? Theyve been doing it for years without any impact on the market but you know it doesnt matter its only our money. Check out the CAMP program in California. Its pretty ridiculous
  10. So wait...prohibition doesn't work?! Holy shit, this is news to me...I would have thought it would be 100% effective. :rolleyes:
  11. The war on drugs might have a better chance of succeeding if they would stop the war on marijuana.
  12. Just came on here to post this article.

    Fuck the drug war. Shit isn't going anywhere, yet us taxpayers have to dump money into it like it's our job.

    Fuck the gov.

  13. Yeah. :rolleyes:

    More proof that Prohibition has failed -- This forum :D
  14. Common sense is being thrown around?? NO FUCKING WAY!!
  15. OMG ITS NOT 2012!?!?!?! The world isnt ending why is stuff starting to become obvious!
  16. You mean we've been paying for this drug war that doesn't even work!?
  17. everyone has their hand in the cookie jar and noone wants to give up their easy money. the politicians know its wrong but support keeping drugs illegal to make money from pharmaceutical lobbyists and because being "hard on drugs" is an easy road to reelection, the cops who do the busts know its wrong but they dont want to give up their job, the judges who sentance the drug dealers know the penalties are ridiculous but they dont want to loose their job to fight against it, and the people who smoke it cant fight against the government cause its illegal and they will get negative publicity and possibly loose their jobs.

    the jails are full, this is madness and noone will listen. christ, the main reason the herb might become legal in california is because they are in huge debt and drugs make money. i cant describe how frustrating this is. and im sure you all feel somewhat the same way. fuck this insanity.
  18. you know how you keep kids from using it? legalize it and put harsh penalties on selling to minors. you will see a HUUUUUUUGGGEEEEE reduction in the amount of ppl in prisons. if its 21+ you'll still see the 18,19,20 yr olds gettin fined and ticketed. but getting caught ruins your life. it makes it almost impossible to get a loan for school. but yet i can go kill someone get out in 5 years and then go to school and get a job where as if it were for marijuana i'd be locked up and the key thrown away. does anyone have any common sense any more, our government needs completely remodeled. meaning the people in it. the basis is great. just A LOT of kinks

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