Anyy one from bakersfield.

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  1. On here? Haha sounds like a pretty stupid question to me haha.
  2. Yea kinda is but no.
  3. I'm from bakersfield, wish I had a connect out here. Been looking to pickup some bud... Any tips or connects someone can hook me up with?
  4. True well i have a couple of connects msg me
  5. 40 miles away from BKFD.
  6. Ha.come 40 miles to smoke then hahaha
  7. You see my nic? I smoke 24/7
  8. Okay tuff ass come smoke me out then hhaha:)
  9. 30 miles from Bako.
  10. Around 120 miles due West of Bako :rolleyes:
  11. ain't nothing out there

  13. I don't wanna be that guy but if you're from Bakersfield and can't find weed....I don't even know what to tell you man. Everyone and their grandma grows up there. I swear to god there is a pound (of outdoor) produced there per resident every year.

    Worst comes to worst, why not go to a dispensary? I know there's one in one of those shitty little towns like Rosamond or something literally right next to the 14 about 30 minutes away and I bet there are a whole bunch that are closer.
  14. Theres a shit load of med shops here but i can get top shelf shit from my dealer for 10 a gram. Insteap of payin 20 at a local shop
  15. Lived in Kernville for the summer raft guiding. Wasnt a fan of bakersfield haha you guys are surrounded by vast amounts of nothing!
  16. Tell me about it
  17. I'm in Bakersfield, we opened a hydro shop here about 3 years ago. The summers are tough here, that's for sure.
  18. I lived in Shafter for about 8 years. Had to go to Bakersfield for everything/anything.
    My dads family landed in Shafter when they came out from the dust bowl. Dad picked cotton for 35 cents a day. His first day in the valley he made 7 whole dollars in one day picking cotton. Yup! Them okies was home, jack! 
    I grew up in Redondo Beach. I live in Morro Bay now. I still go back to Shafter to visit relatives when I can't avoid it. The place is 10 times worse every time I go back. Looks more like Tijuana than Tijuana does.
  19. ...grats?

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