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  1. Is there anyway to tell if your plant is atleast dank nugs (kind bud) or schwag?? It is in the flowering stage right now and I have pics but I don't know how to post them. It's not really a big plant or nothing it's my first grow and i got the plant given to me a couple weeks old and said it was growing in their back yard. I showed my cousin and one of my other boys pics of it today and they both said it was kind bud. On the good note i just got a fresh sack of dank nugs. I have been lookin for some for 2 days now and this shit is pretty good i just smoked two bowls out of my cousins zong bong and i am ripppedddddddddddd! Can anyone answer my question? lol...[​IMG]
  2. :D pics are almost two weeks old. will get new ones. they have just flowered more since and is looking bette.r...

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  3. EDIT: Sorry by the time I posted this you had already posted your pics. Would be nice to see newer pics though, but no hurry :D
  4. i duno about the strain but that thing is almost ready to be harvested.
  5. are you serious?? can i get you pics up tomorrow and you check it out for me?? this is my first grow and i thought it was still flowering i dont see buds out of it yet. the pics are two weeks old and its just getting bigger so i dont think its time for harvesting? someone else help please....
  6. Wrong!!!

    That plant is no where near ready. All the hairs are still white.

    When 65-85% of the hairs are reddish orange, then it is time to harvest. It really depends on what kind of high you like.

    Everything looks good. Can't wait to see some updated pics.

    As for wether it is kind or mids, it's tough to tell. But, with the right care and attention even bag seed can produce some amazing smoke.

    Good luck with the rest of your grow.
  7. appreciate the info man. that is what i thought, but i thought i could be wrong since this is my first grow. I will try to get pics up tomorrow or the next day!
  8. k keyword is almost bro, i didnt say u should drop everything and uproot ur plant. i sed its almost there. i shoulda got more info from u tho, i thought u might know a little more, and knew about the hair color changing. considering how long it takes to a grow a plant, when ur buds are already developed, u are ALMOST at harvesting.

    (none of this post was hostile btw)
  9. i do know about the hair color changing. it does have some red hairs so i thought i might just be looking at it wrong. i thought you meant ready to harvest in the next two weeks. all is good bro.

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