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anything wrong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lipmunger, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. So, keep in mind this is the apprentice yes I'm a newb.

    i just started smoking again after a few years. So a little over a week ago i picked up 1/8. stuff smelled through and bag. I didn't smoke alot because i had to go on a trip for a while, but what i did smoke was dank. Anyway, so i kept it in the baggie and put it in a shoebox under a shoe. After two days i went back to it and I guess the weight of the show had crushed it a bit. The buds seemed to be a bit dry. (like i said, newb, so I might have just been thinking that.) Anyway, I put the buds in a prescription bottle to protect them. I was gone for about a week and came back. Tonight when i opened the bottle, I noticed that the super strong smell was no more. Of course it smells, but no where near like it did.

    So, knowing all of that... did I do anything wrong?
  2. Naw, it's all good, it'll just burn a little bit better :smoking:
  3. Its just dried. When its moist it has more arouma, like if you dry out an orange, it does not smell anymore. Its the same thing. I would suggest putting a small peice of orange peel in the bag/bottle over night to moisten it up. It will burn slower, which is a plus.
  4. thanks for that. It just seemed to nice and moist and I hated that it dried out. Thanks for the tip about the orange peel. Anything I can do to keep that from happening again, or does it just happen?
  5. Try keeping it in a glass mason jar. Thats the best. Dont leave the orange in too long, it could grow mold and be wasted.
    keep tokin!
  6. yeah if you're smokin joints or a blunt or something i'd try some of the tricks to moisten it up a bit, personally dont see a reason for that in a bong or anything though

    and as far as the smell goes yeah, once you start breakin it up for whatever you're going to smoke it in, the smell will deffo hit you, quality of the weed isnt decreasin or anythin

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