Anything wrong with this one?

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  1. This is my first ever grow, a Blue Mystic autoflower getting into the later flowering stages.
    I used a bit less than a half of a soiltab in the veg stage, and 1/3 of a flowertab in the flowering stage. I then added a 1/4 more about 3-5 days ago and this is looking worse.

    What is wrong with it?
    Too much nutes? Too little? Too much water? (it's been raining the past week) Could it be the water PH? (I'm using tap water from our own well, which is on the higher side, around 7.3 PH

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  2. Looks like lack of Mg to me. Such a small plant, maybe try to foliar feed it or something?
  3. yes, it is a tiny plant, about a feet high. I don't know if it is because of keeping it indoors for too long in the seedling phase or if it is the small 8litre/2 gallon pot.

    Could it be nutrient burn perhaps? I've used less than normal amounds, but the plant is also much smaller than I thought it would be
    From what I've heard, overfeeding autoflowers is very easy...
  4. Should have got s bigger pot, doesn't look like much of anything will come from it. Two gallons outdoors is way too small. I'd just let it for its thing until finish, not much you can do at this point.
  5. Do you mean it won't yield anything at all? Or just yield very small amounts?
  6. To have success in growing you almost always need a PH meter. Im guessing you have one. make sure whatever water you give is between 6.3 and 6.8.

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  7. I don't have one, but I'm going in to town to get one today. From the test papers we have, the water from our well is around 7.3 PH, so much higher than needed...
  8. That looks like leaf septoria which is a fungal infection that happens in warm humid conditions. You said it's been raining in your area for a week... THat could be the trigger. If that's the case you need to trim all affected leaves to get rid of the spores and then treat with a copper based fungicide. A 2 gallon pot is a bit too small, but you should still be able to get a yield. I've grown in 3 gallons and done well, but I lst'd the heck out of them.
  9. This is a 7 week old auto Girl Scout Cookies I have sharing a 12 gallon smartbox with her sister (a runt). It's flowering and popping trichomes. I had to hit it with a copper fungicide earlier in the summer. It has been tied down and bent to open the canopy and force more main colas. You can't "top" an auto so LST is the way to get max production imho. It has a dozen or so "tops" that are growing into colas as the flowering gets cranked up. I don't know what yield will be for this one because I've never grown an auto before, but I'm optimistic if it stretches anything like my photo plants have.

    IMG_3570.JPG IMG_3557.JPG IMG_3566.JPG

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  10. Dupe.. removed.
  11. Thanks!
    That does seem to be similar to what the leaves look like.
    The past week, I have checked on them in the morning and they have been pretty damp almost every day, either from rain during the night or because of moisture in the air that takes a while to dry out when the sun comes up.

    Should I remove every single leaf that show these spots? Or can I keep a few of them? I'm guessing I need to remove all for it not to spread, but that might mean I won't have a lot of leaves left...
  12. If it is septoria, and it looks like it to or something similar me, you need to get rid of every leaf that has it otherwise it will continue to set spores and continue to spread. Have you inspected carefully to make sure there are no insects on the plant?
  13. This is what I use for fungal issues. [​IMG]

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