Anything wrong with daily blazing?

Discussion in 'General' started by cutlery, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. So with school starting back up, me and a few buddies have been blazing every day.

    We're all in our "victory lap" (grade 13) and only have classes in the morning.
    By 11:30 we're done school so we always head to one of my buddies houses to burn.

    I wanna know if there's any long term effects of smoking every day.
    I know it puts tars in your lungs and such, but I've also heard that it doesn't cause lung cancer.
    Does this mean the tar is harmless?

    I don't wanna hear about short term effects, or family or anything like that.
    I just wanna know if there's any long term health issues with smoking weed every day.

  2. so... your a freshman in college? grade 13?
  3. Your lung capacity goes down but barely, and when you quit smoking everyday you might have a hard time sleeping and or eating. But thats just what happened to me after 2 months of smoking everyday.
  4. the only effect is on your time. time is money. the more time you spend on figuring out how to get more money the better for your future.

  5. Aside from the carcinogens that burning anything creates,no. Cannabis actually slows down/destroys certain cancer cells. You lungs are the only thing affected because inhaling smoke isnt a healthy thing to do. Though using a vaporizer eliminates all carcinogens and makes the inhalation of Cannabis harmless. Hope this helps.
  6. if you run/workout everyday it really doesnt do anything to your lungs at all
  7. Dunno about that. I can tell you within a week of quitting smoking daily for a good 2 years, my aerobic capacity for exercises I had always done (like biking), improved dramatically.

    Some studies have shown that daily, heavy blazing for years on end changes the physical structure of your brain as well.

    If you're a super senior, maybe you should shift your attention away from daily blazing.
  8. I really wouldn't revel in the fact that you're spending an extra year in high school.
  9. Yeah, "victory laps" are supposed to be for college (or NASCAR drivers)... I think daily smoking might be a problem for you. :p
  10. I'm not in collage. I've decided to stay back for another year of high school, quite a few people do that here.
    Is it a Canadian thing? Not sure but this isn't really the point of the thread

    I know about the carcinogens, what exactly do they do to your lungs?
    Reduce the capacity so you couldn't run as long as you used to?

    Time hasn't really been an issue. We blaze around 12 and I head home around 2 or 3. At night I do my work and I'm completely sober.

    For the past year I've been blazing about every 3-4 days. I'm still very athletic, go for runs often, and work out most days.

    I never heard about that thing about the brain though.
  11. Listen to your body and find out what works for you. There's no one way to go about anything.
  12. Eventually you'll only get hungry when you're stoned, for the most part. Little known fact of everyday smoking for a prolonged period of time, ;)
  13. Apart from a few tollerance breaks here and there, I have been blazing daily since I was 13, im 22 now. I think I turned out alright. Ive had a decent career so far, im fairly active, my cognitive abilities are not hindered or at least not to my knowledge.
  14. If you're in thirteenth grade, stop smoking and pick up a god damn pencil.
  15. So true. I dropped like 30 pounds when I quit smoking. Just started up again, and I can notice the weight already coming back. Doesn't bother me much, though.
  16. I think it goes to grade 13 in Canada, correct me if Im wrong

  17. Bongs dont help with the carcinogens as well?

  18. You are wrong, it goes to grade 12. Grade 13 is where you are a few credits short of graduating and have to return for another semester. Or if you want to do some upgrading.
  19. Yeah man, it's a Canadian thing. I know a lot of Canadian kids that did this to get a better resume going into college. It's not really that uncommon.

    But yeah, I'm sure that you'll be fine if you smoke every day. Just don't let it get in the way of your schoolwork.
  20. Where im from grade 13 is just taking freshman classes at the local community college

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